You Can Sell Online Without Having to Create Your Own Website!

Online sales are becoming an increasingly popular means of making money. The world of E-commerce is bustling and there are so many benefits that come hand in hand with operating online rather than running a brick and mortar store. You can make sales around the clock (as the web doesn’t have opening and closing times), you can reach out to an international audience (by simply adding the option of international shipping to your items), and you can generally offer goods at a low cost (as you don’t have as many expenses and overheads as more traditional business models).However, setting up a website of your own can be relatively daunting andcostly, especially if you don’t understand CSSand HTML code yourself and have to call in the help of aprofessional website designer. The good news is that you don’t even have to setup your own site to sell online nowadays! Here are just a few differentplatforms that you can use instead!

Sell Online
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Work from Home Tax Tips

As from the 2018 tax year, there were changes made to the laws in the US relating to certain job-related expenses. Some of them are no longer deductible. Employees who work from home are growing in numbers and in many cases, there are some deductions they can still make. From a business point of view, it can be a cheaper option to have staff work from their own home rather than renting an office for them. Technology has made it possible for this to happen, so what things are there that they can still claim tax relief for?

Work from Home Tax Tips
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