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I got another letter from Google yesterday. This is the second time I have received this free advertising for Php1500. I thought it’s the much awaited PIN Number for my Adsense account. Guess, I have to wait some more for that.

The first free ad of the same amount, I never got to use coz Ive’ totally forgotten all about it, besides I’m not into PPC so didn’t mind losing it. This time, I’m researching on how to make use of this, to advertise some of my affiliate sites. Those involved in PPC knows that Php1500 is such a small amount, but then, it’s free, so what have I got to lose,eh?

What am I talking about? See photo below:


For those of you who have received the same letter, what did you do with it?

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  1. Maliit lang pala ang value pag Pilipinas kasi ako I got a $100 bucks. I read @blankPixels comment, I think you may be able to use it without CC. Dunno, you should try checking the voucher and there is I think a voucher number included which will be used like a coupon. Just place the code number on the form found in Adwords Billing Preferences and Save. Go back to Adsense Home and you’ll see a new balance.

    1. You have to get an Adsense account and be a publisher. Naku sayang, si blankPixels meron din 2 sets free Google ads for Php1500 each. But you need to use it by Sept. 30 or the amount would go down to Php1000.. πŸ™‚

  2. its been what, hmmm 3 years na yun… 2008 pa eh… invalid clicks daw… haist, taz nagsubmit ako pero di nmn ako nakareciv ng response…. kaya di na ako nag attempt ulet… nareciv ko yung PIN q dati more or less 2 months

  3. Everyone with an Adsense account would receive vouchers like that.

    Sis, me and my bro got a voucher each. I don’t want to use my CC eh. They need a CC to validate the acct ’cause they’ll be charging around Php 300 ata to confirm it, like Paypal. ‘Yoko nun even when they’ll return it. So, I’m thinking of just giving out the vouchers. If you feel like using them, let me know.

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