Blogsvertise – First Payment

I received my very first payment from Blogsvertise last September 29th. Blogsvertise is a paid to post site, where a blogger is paid by posting articlesΒ  related to the advertiser’s site.

Here’s my payment below:


If you are interested and would want to know more about Blogsvertise, you may visit the site by clicking the banner below.


22 thoughts on “Blogsvertise – First Payment”

  1. Blogvertise is really nice, I’ve been guest posting for a very good friend of mine since she was very busy doing posts , she actally let me post for her blogvertise account and I am very impressed how much post opportunities she got when she had PR3. Now she lost her PR but eventually it will come back then her offers will go up again.

    1. I hope I get more opportunities from them. To date, I only have two and my blog is PR2. I’m hoping that next Google update, I’d get an increase and wish that opps will pour in.. Thanks πŸ™‚

  2. Wow! Congrats! I’m also with Blogsvertise and have been paid too. I don’t have opps too, it’s so sad…hehehe. hopefully, soon, I get opps from them too.

  3. Yay congratulations to you! I’ve been with Blogsvertise a long time and have received many opportunities with them. It’s been less in the past year or two but that’s also due to the drop in my blog’s PR. but I seem to be getting opps from them again lately, so that’s super! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Vera! My other blog has PR0 but I got a task from then that’s due to be paid next week. I’ve been hearing the same thing-less opps but it’s ok, we still have other sites to make moolah.. Thanks for the visit and comment πŸ™‚

  4. Wow, dami mu talaga raket sis, hehe, nkpagregister na ako dito pero di pa ako nagbid for a project, Im waiting for someone na makakakuha ng proof na hindi sya scam, and now I know na they were not…

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