Disney Theme Party at Affordable Prices

It is my kid’s birthday next month and I’m all excited about hosting a Disney theme party. And to be precise Alice in Wonderland as my daughter totally loves it! I believe it is surely going to be a great hit with the kids and other guests. I’m not worried as my favorite Disney Store is sure to come to my rescue. I simple love this store because of the extensive product range that includes characters, products, clothing range for girls, boys and kids and home décor too!

Disney birthday party

I ordered the right dress and a few theme home décor items like Alice in Wonderland Tea Pot, Alice in Wonderland Wind Chime, tea cup ornament- Alice, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter glass drop ornament, tea mug, stocking, ear hat ornament and some figure play sets. This was all perfect to make my party successful. After I had selected all these things, I was shocked to see the due amount to be paid!

I decided to ask my husband if there is a little hope in increasing the budget. He suggested that I check Frugaa.com to find some coupon codes for the Disney Store. I got excited and checked immediately and to my surprise I found 25% off any order and a few others. The money I saved, gave me the chance to order Alice in Wonderland’s personalized Fleece as there was a free personalization code available at the coupon website. Frugaa rocks!

Now time to decide for the party menu. As my kid loves strawberries and cookies I decided to order gourmet dipped fancy strawberries, fall cutie cookies and chocolate covered cookies from his favorite store Shari’s Berries. I also ordered Chocolate mousse torte birthday cake from the same store. This time I was sure that I’ll stay well in the budget with Frugaa.com coupons. I had already found a 15% Any Order Over $29 and 40% Off Full Half Dozen Fancy Berries. For starters I preferred to make some home cooked food to ensure balanced food for the kids at the party.

I just hope my kid and guests will enjoy the party and have a fun filled evening!

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