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Scam Alert –

A month ago, I posted about PalmBux might be turning into a scam. Other bloggers have been telling me that it already turned into one because they have been waiting for their payments for sometime or they had experienced being looped time and again while trying to cash out. Since I have just been paid a few weeks before I posted it, I still tried and clicked. But the thought of what other people said lingered on my mind.


As soon as I reached the minimum of $10 last week, I tried to cash out. As usual, there was the loop, or the cash out page never opened even during the 00:00 server time. After trying for 1 week, I got I didn’t click anymore.

Yesterday, when I checked the Forum, there was this message from the PalmBux admin dated August 25,2010. Read below.

Here we are since 628 days

Hey members,

no more silence here… you all can see it…
In the last months we tried a lot to keep PalmBux alive, but we failed.
Payments to us via AlertPay and PayPal are no more possible as PayPal has frozen the account.

Let us first talk about the situation here and why it all happened.
PalmBux was in a really dangerous situation since maybe January 2010.
We thought we can prevent PalmBux’s end.
Payments to us decreased massive due to a lot of bugs / errors / incompetent work and we lost good investors. Since the beginning the financial structure of PalmBux was not optimized and had some lags. For example PalmBux was the only site to gain massive incomings at the start, nowhere else you could earn like here.
Without restrictions in payments it is clear a PTC site has to close sooner or later.

Just a short comment to some posts somewhere else Smile

thommy Wrote:Ultraclix tried it for some time. But – what can he do, if the “Big Boss” himself is no more interested in solving anything anymore…. but just in “winning time, let the Site open and let some Members still pay in – trying to steal as much as posible, before Palm is gone at all…”

Payments are to 100%, what we receive we send it out.
There is no winning situation for PalmBux since months.

About Palm, we’re empty now, no more money reserves etc.

There are two options, close it or set all balances to zero and try to start again with a new fresh palmbux…

What do you think?

If you want to read the full thread, click HERE.

Being a member for 13 months but not that active actually, I invested, got my money back and at least I made some profits. Since the other members who are still loyal with PalmBux are willing to stick it out even though admin plans to reset all balances to zero, I’m done. They weren’t that honest enough to gain my loyalty.

So, since I haven’t created a category for Scam Sites yet, will be the first site to be placed there.

PalmBux- Now A Scam?

It’s a question mark fellas, so I don’t have any proof yet. But I have seen some posts from bloggers I know that PalmBux turned to scam already. As usual, the reason is “they’re not paying”. It isn’t clear how long they have been waiting for their payments but their complaints bothered me a little.

Before I surfed my PalmBux ads today, I wrote down how much is on my main balance, just to know if it will update after and it did. I’m only a few cents to cash out my fourth payment, so here’s hoping that it hasn’t turned to scam..yet…

Browsed the new forum, checked the threads especially the Filipino forum but nobody mentioned anything about it. The forum is still active and buzzing. Recent payments (latest today) were posted. Admin still present and responding. So, what the heck is it then that makes this site a scam?

Cashflow is still regulated and that’s fine by me. By the way, you fellas in the Philippines don’t need to wake up at 6am Philippine time just to make it when cashout opens at 00:00 server time. Our cashout as per Joserey_22m, a Filipino forum moderator,has changed. Please read the thread HERE.

Okay, as I have mentioned earlier, I’m nearing pay out, so might as well wait and see if they’ll pay me. I’ll update this post and create a separate one for my payment details. For now, I’m crossing my fingers (and toes, lol).