New Blog

I’m kinda busy these days because I have been cooking up another blog. This one would be a personal blog as I have mentioned in my other post. I’ll put a link much later because I wanted it at least with some content and not under construction.

So much to do and so many things left undone. I already saved a couple of articles on my laptop just waiting to be uploaded. I already have a new domain name and thought of a great title (well, for

The web host isn’t a problem because I also won 1 year free hosting. I know I’m in good hands because a lot of  Pinoy blogs are hosted on Mommy Rubz  hosting site.

All I need is a superb theme that could temporarily serve my new blog as I await for the blog design that I also won. I spent the entire weekend browsing for themes but I haven’t found what I’m looking for..I know, there are thousands of great themes out there, but, I’m looking for something that would suit my personality and of course the niche.

Well, I do hope that I could find one that will do for the time being so I could at least start the ball rolling. Anyway, I’ll just post an update here, I hope before this month ends..

Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

Just a quick post here, so as not to break my target of posting once a day this month.*lol*

I now have added a Privacy Policy and Disclaimer for this blog. You may find it on the Nav bar. You may check it out if you are interested on what I have to say.*lol*

Google requires every site that uses Adsense to have a Privacy Policy. I think I will make a post about it later, to explain in detail why you should have one.

As for the Disclaimer, every blog should have it posted also. This protects you from any kind of liabilities. Well, it depends on how you write your disclaimer, actually. I’ll also make a separate post to give you some ideas on what to include in your own disclaimer. This is also important if you are accepting compensations from other persons or sites.

Okay, It’s rather late here on my part of the world. Stay tune for the full details about Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.