Won Grand Prize in a Contest!

If you are a frequent visitor here, you might have seen my entry to BlankPixel’s Make A Wish blog contest this May. If you haven’t read it yet and need some inspiration in life, you will find it HERE.


I was down with the flu coupled with asthma for a few days so I was away from the computer and haven’t done much work. It was only yesterday that I was able to peek and see what’s been happening to the blogging world while I was away.

It’s my habit to check who had visited my site, so I could at least return the favor and visit them back. I came upon a visitor who came from the link of the contest site, apparently read my entry. So, I checked BlankPixel’s site.

The winners had been announced! I wasn’t really expecting anything, well, oh maybe even a consolation prize. There were many entries and all of them deserve a spot. Though there must be only a few winners, I salute all the bloggers who joined for making this contest worth while. Of course, let’s not forget the sponsors who made this possible. I congratulate BlankPixel for the successful contest.

As I have said in my previous post, this is only the second time I have joined in contests like this and first locally. I’m so overwhelmed when I scrolled down and found my entry won the Grand Prize! I called my eldest, who’s the main character on the entry and had him read my post. He glared at me when he saw pictures of him but then after reading the whole post, said thank you because he knows people who read it (the judges and bloggers) will be inspired and see life differently now. He also told me to thank all those who judged it and made it the big winner. So, thru this post, we thank BlankPixel and the rest of the judges and of course those who read it.

I was kinda hesitant in sending the entry because it involves our private lives and my son’s condition. But went ahead with the thought of giving inspirations to others who may be suffering with the same defects and people who needs a little push in taking life seriously.

We wanted to share the story because a lot of people nowadays are losing hope without the realization that life has more to offer. If only we can look past through the obstacles and do some actions, we will be able to see light after each trials.

We pray that though the contest has ended, God will make a way for people to stumble on the post My Ultimate Wish and may it serve as a reminder to the reader/s  that Life is Precious and that there’s HOPE at the end of the road.

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