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List of DoFollow Sites

In creating quality backlinks, you need to search for sites that have high Pageranks, great content and most of all a member of the DoFollow movement. Blogs that have comments on  DoFollow are willing to share some link love with those who provide “quality” comments on their sites. Quality means on the topic whether it’s a suggestion or your own point of view and most of all NO SPAMMING.

I have compiled a few list of DoFollow sites and you can just check it out if it’s the same niche as yours. Note that at the time of this post, all listed below are DoFollow. If eventually they decided to be a “NoFollow”, it’s their own prerogative and we must respect them.

DoFollow Blogs


DoFollow Social Bookmarking


DoFollow Forums


DoFollow Article Directories


DoFollow Social Networks


There are more sites that are DoFollow. Google it and you’ll see what I mean. If  you think by the time you read this, some sites are no longer DoFollow, please don’t hesitate to comment so I can check it and update this list..

Notice that the links are not clickable. I made it that way because as the list grows it will be beyond Google’s allowed number of links in a page. So, as not to be flagged, I enlisted them but no backlinks.

If you want your site to be added on the list, just post a comment and I will check your site. If I didn’t include it, it means, your site is a nofollow. In case I made a mistake, please correct me if I’m wrong.

My Xlinks page are available for link exchange (clickable backlinks). If you also want to be added there, just post a comment on the said page.

By the way, this site’s comment area is a DoFollow, so fire away!

Tips on How to Increase Backlinks

Many bloggers are not aware that BACKLINKS are essential in order to rank high in Google. To know the basics, I strongly suggest that you read this article – What is a Backlink?

It’s easy to increase your backlinks BUT you have to do some leg work. It’s not something that you can do in just a day or two and then leave it all up to chance. You have to work on it and must do it regularly. If you want to have a successful site or blog that can also make you some money, continue reading below.

These are some tips on how you can increase your Backlinks:

  • Commenting on other blogs –   for me this deserves the top spot.  It’s easy if you know how exactly to do it. I have read many articles related to this one and most of them agrees that this is the easiest but most effective way to build inbound links.

One comment is already considered a backlink to your site. Search for sites with high Pagerank and is related to your niche. Read some of the author’s posts and then comment. Now, try to be more creative. Give your honest opinion or views about the post, give suggestions or recommendations, all in a polite manner. There’s no use in using foul language or irrelevant comments, or the usual “great post” and “nice info” practice. Instead give it quality and related to the topic. Choose your words wisely because other bloggers may read it too. If they see an “intelligent ” commentator, they might be interested in what you do and click your link. Do not spam. Putting links all over your comment is a no-no. It’s just a waste of your time because the author will delete it or it will go directly to their spam box.

Aside from commenting on sites with high Pageranks, do not forget to check if the sites are DoFollow. Most often than not, DoFollow sites have an icon or small banner on their sidebar (look at my sidebar) which says “DoFollow Blog” or “U Comment I Follow”. These are sites that could give you link love when you comment on their posts. Another way to know if a site is a DoFollow or NoFollow, you can install Search Status for free.

This blog is a DoFollow, so you can comment on this post later and I will share with you some link juice.

  • Submit Articles to Directories –  This is another great way to get backlinks. You can submit your articles to different directories like Ezine Articles, Articles Base or Go Articles, provided you write unique and quality articles related to your niche. These sites have high Pageranks. Submit regularly, to establish your presence. Submit to as many directories as you can. You can leave your website url and some information about what you do or what you can offer. Make it appealing and interesting so that the reader will want to click your link to know more about you.
  • Post in Forums –  Look for Forums that are related to your niche. Establish your presence by helping other posters with their queries. Of course, you have to know what you are talking about. Give sound advices or opinions. Some forums allow posters to attach their signatures after each post. Make sure you include your website link.
  • Exchanging Links –  though some probloggers do not practice this, it’s also a way to get backlinks.  This tip is not as easy as you think, unless of course you’re a close friend of a blog owner who has a high Pagerank.  Some would even think that it’s like you’re begging for a backlink. If you’re dead set on creating inbound links, you may contact the site owner and ask if they could place your link on their site and you will do the same. Do not concentrate on just doing this, because Google doesn’t like too much exchanging of links.
  • Social Bookmarking and Social Networking sites –  it’s best to have the Top Social Bookmarking icons after each posts. Like the one I have down below. If a reader likes your post, they might want to share it with other people they know by clicking their desired social bookmark.

The same with Social Networking sites. It’s free advertising for your site. People will click the link that was shared and instant traffic to your site.

I use these tips too, well most of it. I’m hoping that in the next Google update, there will be an increase in my PR.

Just a few more reminders though. I keep on repeating, “related to your niche”, because building links that are irrelevant to your site is pointless. People interested in pets may not be that responsive in placing your link on their site if you differ in niche. So try to stay clear of sites that are not relevant to yours. Do not associate with the bad neighborhood or spammy sites or link farms. These sites will get you nowhere.