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10 Steps to Financial Freedom

Life out there is tough. Financial factors in the macro-environment have been challenging for some years, and many of us are feeling pessimistic about our money health.  Debts are mounting, savings accounts are seeing low returns, and the economy is fairly flat. In these circumstances, it’s easy to want to bury your head in the sand and forget all about fiscal matters. But that is the very worst thing you could do. The fact is, you are always in a position to make a difference to the state of your financial health. There are so many small, easy steps you can take. It may not feel like much, but positive action has a domino effect. Pretty soon, you’ll see those small steps start to add up and make a real difference. So don’t become daunted by the scale of the task at hand. We show you where to start and how to plan for a brighter financial future, starting today:

1. Check Your Credit Rating

It’s surprising how many people have never even bothered to find out their score, but that little number can have a massive impact on your financial health. How? Well, having a good credit rating means that lenders will offer you the best rates on their products, whether that’s a credit card or a mortgage loan. There are plenty of free tools where you can find out your score in seconds.

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