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Adgitize Payment $15.11

I received my Adgitize payment a few days ago and this is for December 2010. My very first payment for the year 2011. Last month, I advertised 2 of my blogs and that kept the money coming in plus my occasional postings in all my 3 blogs. My Paypal account has been ripped off last month due to the holiday season and because I bought gifts for my loved ones and the Christening Presents for a new Goddaughter.

Here’s the payment proof:

Adgitize Payment

If you haven’t been advertising your sites/blogs at Adgitize, well, you’re missing a lot. Adgitize can bring you traffic from all over the blogosphere. Not only that, you get your money back. You advertise for $14 a month and that investment you get back by posting on your blogs, visiting other members thru the Adgitize group ads and posting in the forum. This tasks will earn you points that will be converted to cash. The trick here is to do all those tasks often so you get to earn more than 300 points in a day. This way, you are assured to earn what you have invested plus profits. Come to think of it, you advertised for FREE!

So, what do you think your sites/blogs are missing? Traffic (visitors) and valued readers right? Adgitize can help you with that! Try it out and you’ll see what I mean…

Adgitize your web site.

Virtual Assistant Job Payment – $325

I received my 2nd payment from my full time VA job last December 14th. My very first “salary” from the same client was only $300 last November. She increased it by $25 and hopefully there will be another increase in January..

Here’s my payment proof:

Proof of Payment

What I did for this period were article spinning and back linked some of my client’s sites. I wasn’t aware that she is running a lot of websites. Her’s wasn’t our typical, everyday blogs but websites for pets, marriage, debt, diets and others.

I am so pleased to say that a few weeks ago, some articles I did for her dog website, landed in Google’s first page for the intended keywords. I checked it today, it’s on the second page. Anyway, that means more money for my client!

Here’s a screen shot from Google:

Pomeranian Dog Training

Pomeranian Dog Training

Wish I could do the same for my blogs, but I will.. Now that I know how, I’d definitely spend some time to do SEO for all my blogs. Who wouldn’t want to land on Google’s first page, anyway?.. It would be great if I could earn as much as my client is earning..

This past few months have been very rewarding, in terms of earning online. I pray that more blessings will come my way this 2011. Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings you have showered me!