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Virtual Assistant Job Payment – $325

I received my 2nd payment from my full time VA job last December 14th. My very first “salary” from the same client was only $300 last November. She increased it by $25 and hopefully there will be another increase in January..

Here’s my payment proof:

Proof of Payment

What I did for this period were article spinning and back linked some of my client’s sites. I wasn’t aware that she is running a lot of websites. Her’s wasn’t our typical, everyday blogs but websites for pets, marriage, debt, diets and others.

I am so pleased to say that a few weeks ago, some articles I did for her dog website, landed in Google’s first page for the intended keywords. I checked it today, it’s on the second page. Anyway, that means more money for my client!

Here’s a screen shot from Google:

Pomeranian Dog Training

Pomeranian Dog Training

Wish I could do the same for my blogs, but I will.. Now that I know how, I’d definitely spend some time to do SEO for all my blogs. Who wouldn’t want to land on Google’s first page, anyway?.. It would be great if I could earn as much as my client is earning..

This past few months have been very rewarding, in terms of earning online. I pray that more blessings will come my way this 2011. Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings you have showered me!

$300 Payment for Full Time Virtual Assistant Job

I started working as a full time Virtual Assistant last October 14th,2010. I don’t exactly know where the local employer got my resume because I forgot to ask,lol. All I remembered, I submitted it to several online job boards and she may have seen it in one of them. I was interviewed via Skype by the local agency and when I passed, she then hooked me up with the client. After an hour of interview, I got the job!

My client is a Chinese who migrated to US over 20 years ago. The job entails writing/rewriting/spinning articles which was all I did during this first month. Now I’m off to doing massive back links for all the sites we (my boss and I) created.

The trial period was from October 14 to November 14,2010. For the first month, I agreed that she’ll give me $300 and if she likes my work, she’ll increase it by the second month.

I’m so happy that I passed the trial month and here’s my payment proof:

Payment Proof

There was actually 2 Paypal transactions because the first time she sent the 300USD, I was billed for that particular transaction for $12. So, my client sent another $12 to make the payment in full.

Photobucket Photobucket

The whole time I was doing this project, it never failed to cross my mind that the client might be a scammer. Thank God because at last I got paid! Just recently, I noticed that my relationship with my boss is getting better too,lol..

I’m currently doing a post about Virtual Assistants, so please stay tune for that!

For the meantime, I need to relax and chill out a bit before I take on another big sideline project. I’ll imagine myself spending time in the Holiday Lodges in Cornwall. At least this way, my body and mind can relax though it’s just an imagination,lol..