How To Improve Your Page Rank

Google updates Page Ranks on a quarterly basis. The first quarter update has started  and will end on April 30th, 2010. I am so happy that I finally got a ranking. It wasn’t easy but I am glad with the result.

There is so much work to be done if you want to stay ranked. Some sites had a decrease in ranking and would have to do a lot better in the next few months. But hey! Guess if we want to stay ranked or even increase the numbers, we all need to do far better!

Here are some tips you can do to help improve your page rank on it’s next update:

1. Create Unique Content – Always write original articles. Google likes that. Create articles with your readers in mind. If your site has information that your visitors would like to read, they would be back more often. Try to post at least 4-5 articles per week, more would be better.

2. Comments and more Comments – if you like an article you just read, do not forget to post a comment. Find blogs with similar niche as yours because they are the ones which are more likely to be interested in your blog. Always leave a smart comment and should be related to what you have read. Link your given name to your blog. If  they saw that you have something valuable to say, they will be interested to check out your blog.

3. Submit to Different Directories – this is just easy, it will only take you a few minutes to submit your site to one directory. Just make sure to give different titles for your blog and insert rich keywords. This may not bring tons of traffic but if you register to more than one directory, it might do the trick.

4. Exchange Links – but do it the natural way. Offer to exchange links with sites related to your niche. Make sure that the sites you link with are good sites and are not  “spammy sites”..

5. Internal Links – is linking within your site. If you post an article, provide a link of your past articles which are related to your current topic, like “related posts” style. Or you may also provide links to your next articles, like, “you may also want to read this”..This way, your visitors will stay longer at your site. Also one way of getting traffic to your other pages.

6. Forums and Online Discussions – this is a great way to get “one way backlinks”. Join forums or discussions related to your niche. Some sites allow you to leave your signature. Make sure you put your signature with a link back to your site. Be also smart in posting and give valuable insights related to the topic.

7. Use Popular Keywords – On your titles and body text, use words or phrases with good keywords and again related to your niche.

8. Create a Sitemap – it will help Google to rank and index your site. You can use this free sitemap generator and upload the .xml file to your site – Online Sitemap Generator

9. Use Meta tags – You have to know that your html is your site’s blueprint and is very important because this is what the search bots reads. So, use meta tags wisely.

10. Be Patient – it will take a lot of work to get a ranking or to stay ranked. Follow all of the above tips and don’t stop doing it often and remember, DO IT NATURALLY.

23 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Page Rank”

  • I heart this articles that you’ve made. Other articles are very technical to understand atleast yours have made my queries clear…

  • Now I know! Thanks for the tips Eihdrag! What strikes all the tips you have scribbled above is the last one. Just really need “patience”

    • Don’t worry, you’ll get there. Just work on it consistently. Who knows, this next Google update you’ll get your rankings 😉

  • What a good post/advice you have there. As I read it makes me think to exchange link with you since he have the same niche please have time to visit my blog and message me at my chatbox if you agree to have an exchange link with me. Thanks a lot.
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  • Hi EihdraG. Nice and useful post. Following your directions here are what I get so far:
    1. Tried this. Hope I can manage to keep it.
    2. I’m practising it now 😀
    3. Mm, I have to try this trick more harder, as I’m a little bit lazy to do it.
    4. I’m woring on it. Thanks for mentioning that ‘Natural Way’, it’s very useful.
    5. Sometime I forgot to do it when writing a new post. Once again, you’ve remind me of an important thing.
    6. So far this method has helped me bring some visitors. Great trick.
    7-9. Still have to learn more about these things. I’ll try them.
    10. This is a golden rule 😀

    Thank you for this great post


  • i dunno anymore what to do with google ranking. it’s unpredictable. when i don’t update my blog it suddenly gets PR3. when i’m so busy with it, it drops to PR0. right getting frustrated thinking maybe i linked some sites that i’m not suppose to link or accepted comments i shouldn’t have or even got hacked or sumthing. arghhh! hope u can advice me.

    as for your question regarding badges…i just use photoshop just as you do. i saw it here. 😉

    i love your site. your posts and your page totally =) i believe i have not seen another like it, but i know you. so my guess would be…you changed layout? can we link again?

    • hi jenie! Why is it that suddenly I feel something’s gonna happen to my PR? lol..I’d be depressed too if it happens, but I’m hoping it won’t..I’ve worked hard for this site and lost a few pounds along the coz I’d rather post than eat..hahaha..
      Trace back what you have done when you started being active again..I’m no pro at this but that’s what i would do.. Someone told me that linking to spammy sites would affect the rankings, so I’m being aware of that..

      Yeah, I’m using Photoshop but just having a hard time looking for ideas on what to put on the badge, just like

      it’s me deleted at my previous platform again so I decided it’s time to migrate in WordPress and loving every minute of it!

      Sure, I’ll link your badge..Thanks..

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