I’m Joining the DoFollow Movement

U Comment I Follow. A month ago, I read a blog about this DoFollow Movement that’s been creating a stir among fellow bloggers I know. I have researched on the disadvantages and advantages of setting your blogs to a DoFollow. I’ll do an article on that much later.

Just recently, I came across another blog during my rounds of dropping Entrecards that made me decide to try and be a follower of the movement and see what will happen. I can always go back to the defaultĀ  set up if things gets out of control.

I have foundĀ  a plugin to enable the comments on this site to a DoFollow. Watch out for the article about this plugin. It will stay that way, unless spamming becomes excessive (though I have Akismet). So, I encourage you to post comments wisely and of course related to the topic. Otherwise, your comments will not be approved and I will eventually go back to the way it was.

Now, commenting on this blog will not be a waste of time.. We can help each other, if you know what I mean. Just so we are clear and perfectly understand each other, SPAMMING is not allowed on this site.

Now, go ahead and fire your comments away!

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