I’m Joining the DoFollow Movement

U Comment I Follow. A month ago, I read a blog about this DoFollow Movement that’s been creating a stir among fellow bloggers I know. I have researched on the disadvantages and advantages of setting your blogs to a DoFollow. I’ll do an article on that much later.

Just recently, I came across another blog during my rounds of dropping Entrecards that made me decide to try and be a follower of the movement and see what will happen. I can always go back to the default  set up if things gets out of control.

I have found  a plugin to enable the comments on this site to a DoFollow. Watch out for the article about this plugin. It will stay that way, unless spamming becomes excessive (though I have Akismet). So, I encourage you to post comments wisely and of course related to the topic. Otherwise, your comments will not be approved and I will eventually go back to the way it was.

Now, commenting on this blog will not be a waste of time.. We can help each other, if you know what I mean. Just so we are clear and perfectly understand each other, SPAMMING is not allowed on this site.

Now, go ahead and fire your comments away!

6 thoughts on “I’m Joining the DoFollow Movement”

  1. Hi EihdraG,

    Great job joining the dofollow movement, helping other people is going to bring you their help back too. Congratulations for joining the dofollow movement, you’re a great guy! Thanks for sharing this and for supporting the movement!

    Best regards,


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