Join YouSayToo’s Challenge and Earn Money Online

If you are not familiar with this site, YouSayToo is a social blogging site.There you can add your existing blog/s from platforms like Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, and FaceBook. Another great feature is that you can create your own blog within the site, upload games or start discussions. This is also a revenue sharing community. If you have an Adsense and Amazon accounts, you can link it there and earn from the impressions your blog gets. You earn 50% revenue. Isn’t that cool!

Right now there is an ongoing Social Bookmarking Challenge at YouSayToo. It started last April 8 and will end on April 22. All you have to do is Tweet, Buzz Up and share on Facebook about the Banner Exchange App and it’s benefits. It’s so easy! There will be 3 winners from each bookmark and they will win $100!

Here’s what you should do. LOG IN to your YouSayToo account,click AWARDS on your tab, then you will be taken to the page where you must follow the very simple and easy to understand INSTRUCTIONS for the said challenge. That’s it and you’re done!

Please don’t forget to read the RULES OF THE BOOKMARKING CHALLENGE.

If you are not a member of YouSayToo yet, you’re missing a lot. It’s not just the challenge you’re going to miss but you can also advertise your blog for FREE and get a lot of traffic by joining this site. Not only that, imagine earning 50% from Adsense and Amazon.

So, join the fun and earn money online at the same time. You can visit the site by clicking the banner below. Oh, and it’s free to become a member. What more can you ask for!

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