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40 thoughts on “XLinks”

    1. Hi.. Banner exchange is simply showing the banners or links of other bloggers on you blog. In turn they will show yours. It’s a way to create a backlink to your own blog. 😉

  1. Ahh, I see. This might have something to do with your site template codes. Not sure 100% though, but most likely.

    You might want to ask someone specialized in making and editing site template to analyze your overall site template, and fix the errors when found. The one that made the template should know better, if you can find the your site template maker and ask for his help directly.

    PS: I’ve to rest now. Hope your problem will be fixed soon 😉

  2. My pleasure 🙂

    But I think there’s still an error on your codes .. it seems that the links for ‘href’ and ‘img src’ tags are being duplicated by a ‘mce_’ ?? I don’t know what tag it is?

    Here’s your codes:
    a href=”http://www.work-and-earn-online.com/” mce_href=”http://www.work-and-earn-online.com/”

    img src=”http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll206/eihdra/anigif1.gif” mce_src=”http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll206/eihdra/anigif1.gif”

    While the correct one should be like this I believe:
    a href=”http://www.work-and-earn-online.com/”
    img src=”http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll206/eihdra/anigif1.gif”

    (without mce_ …)

    1. I actually just copied the code that you gave on my edit post html then I would check it on edit post visual. When i go back to html the mce appears whereas I didn’t put it there…I dunno what happening…(:

  3. hi, i got your code, it’s still not working, you need to change ” , i changed them and it’s working now in my blogroll. check it now.

  4. Thanks once again EihdraG 🙂

    By the way for textbox html code, I think that ‘textarea’ tag is the common one to use.

    [ refers to

    [textarea cols=”40″ rows=”3″]
    [a href=”http://www.work-and-earn-online.com/” ][img src=”http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll206/eihdra/anigif1.gif” /][/a]

    You forgot to include the ‘img’ tag on your banner codes. Try above codes (don’t forget to change the brackets). Hope this time it’ll works 🙂

  5. hi,

    I made my text box like these, you can change the width.


    i try to remove read only but i can’t. but i don’t think it affects as I move your badge in between other badges but still it’s not showing.

  6. hi, thanks for adding my badge. i tried adding your badge but the code is broken, the picture is not being show. kindly send me the code of your badge. thanks!

    1. *lol* I’m having a hard time putting it in a text box so here’s what I can do for now..Still trying to figure out how to create a text box *lol* I have added your link. Thx

  7. btw, CAN’T GRAB UR BADGE…says your page is protected so i can’t copy the code. has it been grabbed by others? maybe they can’t too???
    .-= bleep´s last blog ..MY LAST DAYS =-.

  8. Hi, thanks for the add .. 🙂

    Soon I will be adding a badge/banner rotator for Featured Partner sites. Yours will be included. This is my simple way to thank you 🙂

  9. Firstly, I want to thank you for joining Buxplode 🙂

    I’m adding your site to my blog’s Partner Sites list. It’s nice to meet new friend on the net. Happy blogging, happy earning. And keep your posts coming, ‘cos I’m waiting and eager to read them 😉

  10. Hi EihdraG. I have done adding your banner to my blog. Can you please add my link to you link exchange in this section? Thanks

  11. Hi EihdraG. I added your link to my blog. Can you add my banner to this section and i will do the same. Search my banner in Important Section then click Exchange links with me. Tnx

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