Payments Received

These are some of the payments I have received since I started with Paid To Click Sites. It will be updated as soon as I receive another payment. I posted the thumbnail photos to prove to you that some sites are legit and really paying. This is just an easy job, you too can do it and make easy money online. You can start by joining my Top Paying Sites for the month located at the sidebar. Just follow the easy to understand instructions for each site and you’re off. You can start earning your money right away..

Don’t forget to sign up for your Free Premier Paypal and Personal AlertPay accounts before joining any site. You can find the banners HERE. You will need to have these payment processors because that’s where your earned money will be transferred.

Just remember, you have to click everyday as much as possible. It will only take you a few minutes to do each site’s advertisements and to reach the minimum payout in no time. Later on, if you have enough cash, you can rent referrals. You will also earn from their clicks.

If you are interested in joining more paying sites, you can check it HERE

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