Product Review: Perfect Traffic Storm

I came across a new site which boasts of guaranteed traffic, CONVERTING visitors and advertising with a little effort or cost. So, I decided to join to test it. The site is Perfect Traffic Storm.

I was impressed because the site looks professional, with an attractive look and feel. The message is simple and easy to understand. You can join for FREE and will get a GOLD Lifetime Membership plus some unannounced bonuses. They also offer 2 upgrade options but you are not required to do so if you don’t want to, and yet still get to gain the benefits of a Gold Member. Okay, I won’t keep you guessing about the bonuses. You get 1000 ad credits which will display your personal ads! But you have to act fast if you want to join, because they may start charging for it anytime now.

I checked and browsed through the Members Area and I must say that it is very well laid out and intuitive. You won’t be disappointed. You could easily figure out what you must do and get it up and running in no time. You will be able to create links and ads within 5 minutes. You simply enter any URL links and the generator will transform it into your “Perfect Traffic Storm” links. You can also create ads you want to promote using the Perfect Traffic Storm Ad Generator. What’s great about it, you can create unlimited links and ads! The link generator, which I bet, you will often use, is right at the top of the main page for easy access. Your generated links will be organized in the order you created them and your 5 most recent links also appears on the main page when you log in.

After you have created even just 1 link and 1 ad, you can start to generate traffic. Use it and place it on your website or blog, to promote your newly generated Perfect Traffic Storm link. When someone clicks on your links or ads, they will be taken to the Perfect Traffic Storm site using your affiliate link. If they decided to join for FREE or even Upgraded, they will become your referrals. It’s a great viral feature because you can also build referrals.

Your ads and/or links, which, may be your website or anything you want to advertise, will get traffic when you earn credits. You will earn credits every time your Perfect Traffic Storm links get clicked. So, the more clicks, the more your ad/s and link/s get displayed.

This works VIRALLY. When you build referrals by promoting and using the site, you will earn ad credits on THEIR link clicks. It works up to 5 levels deep. You can create a huge amount of traffic by referring others.

I haven’t tested the full effect of a big downline yet because I just got the tool. But, I’m telling you, it works exactly as what the site is saying. My links got clicked, so I earned credits and I got traffic going on my own website! You can even track your results on your member’s page, which displays how many ads and clicks got displayed.

Another benefit and feature you can get for FREE is Downline Emailing. You can email your downlines when you have offers or promotions. Ain’t that cool!

There are plenty of promotional tools you can use in promoting Perfect Traffic Storm such as banners, video, peel away ads, and many more.

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to increase traffic and advertising. I’m telling you, it’s simple but powerful and they do deliver what they promise.

Go ahead and test it for FREE!

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