Why You Should Get Your Own Domain Name?

I have recently acquired my own domain name. Been wanting to get off typing the very long url I used to have. Some of my friends said they had a hard time remembering my website’s address. And of course, it would sound and look professional if I have my own. So, that made me think and want and decided to buy one.

This is my first time and It was not that easy for me to finally decide what would it be. I should have researched more and read related posts before buying but I was so excited and thought I knew enough information , so I went ahead. It isn’t that I’m not happy with my domain name but I sure would have chosen a lot better if I have all the information needed..

I’m sure you are reading this post because you are also thinking of getting one or just interested that this might come in handy someday. So, I have listed below the reasons why you should acquire your very own web address.

* Easy Access To Your Website
* To Build A Recognizable Brand Identity
* To Build Credibility for your Business
* More Professional
* Protects Your Name From Competitors
* Your Own Email Address/es
* Less Spamming
* Easy To List In Major Directories
* Rank High in Search Engines

I was using Blogger’s free services when I started to blog. It was of course under Blogger’s subdomain. Everytime I had to promote my blog, I had to go through the long process of typing my url. That’s my chosen name ( subdomain) + blogspot (main domain). I wasn’t aware that time that a domain name is very important.

A domain name is you web address and also your email address. People would easily remember you because of your own unique name. It’s just like your own street address or own identity on the web. A brand name for people to easily remember you.

If you have a business that you are promoting, it’s very important that you have your own domain name. It’s one way to build your credibility with your customers. They would feel safer that they are not dealing with some fly by night companies but with an established one.

It would also look more professional putting your own name on a printed media like letterheads or brochures rather than including the name of your free webhost.

I have read a post from a fellow blogger complaining that someone else is using her name. She can’t do anything about it simply because she didn’t register for that domain name. Now, it’s on the front page of Google and earning a lot of traffic. So, to protect your name from competitors, register it.

Owning a domain name comes with having your own email address like “yourname@yoursite.com”. You can have multiple emails or aliases that you can use or assign to different functions like “sales@yoursite.com” or “admin@yoursite.com” and so on. But all of it pointing to your actual email address. This is very handy when you have businesses because it filters your mails. Spamming is also lessened than having it hosted for free.

Listing your website/s in Major Directories like Yahoo can gain you a lot of traffic. More traffic means more sales for your business. It would be a lot easier to list it if you have your own domain name than when it is hosted from free webhosts.

Getting a domain name with related keywords will help your rankings in search engines. Again, this would produce more traffic and more customers for you.

If after reading this post, you decided on buying your own domain name, there are steps you have to do first. It will be discussed on my next post. But for now, try to list down some names you would like to give for your business or websites. This will make it easier for you when you have finally decided to get one.

If you would like to add some more to this post or you enjoyed reading it, please put your comments below, I would highly appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Get Your Own Domain Name?”

  • I totally agree with you. I thought, before I read your blog is that there is no difference between having your own domain from having a site from a free webhosts. Well, I have nothing against it in fact I am also registered in bloggers. For a newbie like me, they are an angel sent from above, I bet I have to invest a lot for that one. Anyways I am also thinking of having one in the future since I agree with the reasons you listed . Thank you for the information.

    • hey gemma. That’s exactly what I felt too with Bloggers,lol..but not anymore,lol..Well, that’s a different story to tell here..
      You do have to invest with a domain name and webhost if you are serious about blogging, more so if one of your reasons is to earn. Thou, I have to warn you. If you do want to stay blogging with Blogger, they are quite strict and restricted. I’ll have a post about this much later.
      It only cost more or less $10 for a domain name and another $10 for a webhost. There are lots of cheaper sites where you can get a domain and host. All will be discussed in my future posts. So, check back often. Thanks..

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