Are You Blogging for Money?

Though this blog is named “Make Money Online” and was originally intended to earn me some extra money, somehow things changed but not totally,lol.. Honestly, some start with the notion that blogging can make you rich  (oh maybe not super rich) and some blog for fun or to share their everyday life (including rants). I say I do it to earn, learn  and help.

I started blogging for money. I’m a stay at home mom with  valid and personal reasons for not being able to work again like I used to. I can go back to working as an employee but I have to sacrifice more important things. So, I gave blogging a shot and got hooked, big time!

2 years ago, I only knew how to surf. I was a complete newbie and not literate when it comes to the internet. Didn’t know as much as I know now.  Less than a year ago, I put my hobby and love of reading books into good use. I was consumed by the vast knowledge I got from the net. And then thought of ways on how I can benefit while staying at home.

Before I created a blog solely for money making, I already joined a few paid to click sites. Earning but not as much. So, I decided I had to learn how to make a website so people can see what I am promoting. I guess for the lack of referrals, it was a necessity to make one, lol..

Many things happened during my 9 months of blogging for money. Earnings were better but I wasn’t quite fulfilled and happy with the rate things were going. When Blogger deleted my blogs, I took it as a sign to start anew.

This month, I was given another chance to do what I am good at..To impart what I have learned and help whenever I can. At least this way, I’m doing what I like best and let’s not forget, I can still earn on the side.

With this post, I am now changing my sub-title from “Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom” to what you see below the Main Title.

How about you? What are your reasons for blogging?

25 thoughts on “Are You Blogging for Money?”

  • Hi EihdraG I am back again with new blog,this time its from wordpress self hosted.Could you remember me,I am Manas kabiraj from “FreeMoneyMaker”,though my previous blog has been deleted by blogger.So i am here to introduce my new blog with you and with your readers.Waiting for your visit lol.Thanks.

  • Hi eidrah, i started my blog on blogger. Do you think its a good idea for me to transfer to wordpress? thanks!

    • Hi Valerie. If you are planning to take blogging to the next level, like earning from it, I suggest you do these:

      1. You need to invest some money
      2. Buy a domain name (if you haven’t done so yet)
      3. Use a self-hosted blog and not or
      3. If you need hosting, I can refer you to someone.

      Most advertisers want to place their ads on blogs that are self-hosted. If you are just starting, it would be easy to start it on WP. Do leave a link of your blog so I can visit it also. Thanks 🙂

  • I am also looking to earn money through blogging! Can I ask you, are you the on who deleted your blogs in blogger or the blogger itself deleted your blogs?

    • Hahaha..Funny you asked that.. Blogger flagged two of my blogs just last April. Guess it was a sign to finally move here to WP. 🙂 Why?

  • Hi EihdraG

    To answer your question, yes I do ^_^ And I’m in the beginning process to generate some income from my blog. Tried creating several blogs; a blog for paid review posts, but haven’t any luck (difficult to reach the minimum payout), and the last blog which I created it as my online earning diary.. few days ago I managed to reach minimum payout from Obeus ppc ads on my blog and received it. Not bad for a new blog (2 months old)

    Beside those blogging for money blogs, I also have a private blog where I write about my own interest. There’s no monetizing on it, pure personal blog.
    .-= Mursalin´s last blog ..8th Payment from TheWellingtonFund and Site Update =-.

  • I obcourse blog for money,but now understood that you have to look after out of the specific sphere.So I,m now concentrate with some general story of life which may give some relax to your reader.

  • Great point there EihdraG about Entrecard. It’s all about choosing the right blogs from where you can get back the drops, I mean reciprocal droppings.I mainly try to drop on those blogs and the blogs who give link love to their top droppers.
    .-= Sourav´s last blog ..Google Pacman Logo – Its Playable =-.

    • So far I’m enjoying the traffic I receive from Entrecard. Will place a Top Ten Droppers plugin/widget in a few days as a reward to those who deserves it..Thanks

  • I have the technical stuff under control, but I have never had a blog succeed before until I discovered EntreCard. Now I am having fun and making a few bucks too. I think after I am more established, it could get very interesting.
    .-= Warren Contreras´s last blog ..Blogging Rewards =-.

    • Hi Warren. Nice to hear from you again. I have learned so much from you. As for Entrecard, it helps build traffic more so if you know which particular sites to drop your cards. Thanks again for dropping by..

    • Hi oempak. it doesn’t matter whether you blog for money or not just as long as you are enjoying and is satisfied with what you do with it..Glad to know you liked it..Thanks

  • To be true, I wanted to blog so that i can make at least some bucks from it. But then there were some problems with my blog…and I had left blogging. Now, I have restarted about a month ago, so my blog is very new. I haven’t yet monetized it, because I don’t want to earn anything from my blog now. At the moment, I am blogging just for the pleasure of it. Maybe in the future I will think about monetizing the blog…
    .-= Sourav´s last blog ..Future Kitchen Concept – Aion =-.

    • Hey Sourav. That’s what matters most, the pleasure that you get out of blogging. Learn from the mistakes from the older blog so you won’t make it again..Thanks.

  • It ‘s nice to learn new things. You know what I took your advise to buy my own domain and I also host it but up to now I have not started it yet. I find it difficult to build my website there a lot of strange terms that I don’t understand God help me. I am hoping that I could start soon enough before the classes starts. If my site is done is it okay for me to link some of my blogs to you?
    Thanks in advance.

    • It’s great news, Gemma. May I ask where you’re hosting it and what platform (Blogger or WordPress) are you going to use? It’s kinda difficult at first but when you get the hang of it, you’ll be amazed on how easy it is to tweak your blog. The reason why this blog is changing it’s ways is because I want to help other newbies like me in any way I can..I’m not an expert but am willing to share through this blog what I have learned so far..It’s really hard when you’re a non technical newbie (like me,lol) and don’t know the various terms used. Just holler and I will just be here to assist you. Thanks..

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