Migrated from Blogger To WordPress

I used to blog at Blogger. I started this very same blog last July 2009 and was under their “roof” for almost 9 months. Bought my domain name from their partnership with GoDaddy but Blogger hosted my site. It was doing great while I was there and I can say had many happy memories and sad ones. I gained many friends, learned how to build and tweak my sites, earned a lot from different money making opportunities and most of my unique posts were created there.

Just last April, I got my Page Rank. Was really so happy because finally my hard work was noticed and rewarded. My Alexa Ranking dropped a million plus to what you see now. It was, I think, the most wonderful feeling since I started blogging.

I haven’t basked on my new status yet and a few days later my blog was gone! I was really disappointed and depressed to a point of giving up blogging all together. I tried all possible measures so they will restore it, waited a few more days but to no avail. I finally told myself, it’s time to move on.

Actually, I have been putting off migrating to WordPress since January 2010, the time I bought my domain. But was enjoying my stay at Blogger and most of all I thought it would require a lot of time, effort and patience in transferring from one platform to another. Besides that, I would lose all rankings and backlinks. I guess, it’s kinda a blessing in disguise when they deleted my blog,lol. I’ m here now blogging at WordPress and loving every minute of it!

When I decided to move here, I found ways so as not to lose so much of what I have worked for. Though I can’t say the same for my old contents. I was only able to do a backup on the most recent ones. That was a big impact on me because those were unique articles. Well, I can’t have it all, can I?

I haven’t finished tweaking and optimizing this site yet but am coping. Suddenly, there’s a rush of new ideas on what to post in the next few days. I have to get them out of my head or I’ll be having migraines for weeks,lol..

Have so many plans and so many things to do..but at least I’m enjoying it here..and most of all, no more FEAR of getting deleted again!!

7 thoughts on “Migrated from Blogger To WordPress”

  • hi. i got worried when i read your post. although, im just starting on blogger. im worried that this will happen to me. can you suggest other site cause i dont have the extra money to invest on wordpress or any other site right now. thanks! 🙂

    • Hey there Phela! Oh sorry I got you worried..I see that you have just started and haven’t posted anything yet..if you don’t mind me asking, what will you be blogging about? if it’s about money making opportunities, it may happen to you..Though I have seen some bloggers with the same contents but are not being flagged or deleted in Blogger, it’s just a matter of time coz they’ve been deleting those kind of sites as many as they can..You may check Blogger Forum and read some of the complaints..If you wanna start right, better start at WordPress.com. It’s free to use just like Blogspot. But before starting on any platform, read the policies and terms first..Thanks

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  • That’s great. Even I want to transfer to WP, but all that domain and hosting cost is holding me back. What host are you using?

    • Hi Sourav. If you have extra money, invest on a domain name and hosting. Believe me, it’s worth it! there are domains for $10/year and and hosting which costs less than $10/monthly. I’m using HostGator. Superb online support. If you still wanna use Blogger’s subdomain, better back up your files. Thanks for reading..

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