My Ultimate Wish

This post is my official entry for the Make A Wish contest by BlankPixel.

I decided to join this contest not just for the prizes that awaits the winners but mainly for the reason that with this post, I would be able to give some inspirations to the people who are reading this.

This ultimate wish is one wish that’s been on my mind and in my heart for 10 years now. I don’t know if this will come true but I do hope, wish and pray that someday it will.

I have a special child. He’s turning 11 this August. He was born with congenital Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida. To give you some idea what that is, Hydrocephalus means there’s excess water in his brain. Spina Bifida is a spinal deformity usually related to Hydrocephalus.To prevent his head from swelling, when he was just 3 days old, the doctors inserted a tiny tube attached to one of his brain’s ventricles. The tube passes through his neck down to the stomach to drain. The Spinal problem affects his lower extremities.

Here’s a photo of what he looked like when he was born.


After 5 major brain and spinal operations and the 6th was done over a year ago, he’s doing great for a kid who has gone through so much at a very young age! Though there are still some problems with the way he walks, everything’s kinda “normal”. With constant physical therapy for his legs, he might be able to walk just like a normal kid. Here’s a photo of him during therapy sessions when he was a small boy. I’m showing you this one because his sessions now are different based on his current age and breakthrough developments. Also photos after his spinal cord correction last year. It’s another major operation, needed to cut/release  some tissues on the spinal cord which pulls the nerves in his brain that causes severe headache and possible seizures.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Going back to my ultimate wish..My wish and prayer is for him to become “totally normal”. You see, there are 2 wishes within this “ultimate wish” which are related to one another..I’ll enumerate them below..

  1. I wish that this certain ventricle or nerve in his brain would heal so he won’t be needing the tube anymore. Doctors said it’s possible.
  2. I wish that the nerves on his spinal will also heal. The nerves connecting to his lower extremities affects his legs, bowel movement and bladder. His legs aren’t that strong for his age. He can’t walk the way normal people walk. His balance is compromised so he can’t stand straight and easily gets tired after standing for just a few minutes or walking 20 steps. He’s still wearing diapers because he can’t control his bowels and bladder.

Just imagine what he has gone through from day 1 of his young life. Everyday in school, he sees that he’s different. There are psychological and emotional issues to be addressed. But apart from that, everything seems okay. Actually, he’s a very intelligent kid. He was accelerated a few years ago so at 11, he’ll be in Grade 6 this coming school year. He was awarded Best in Academics in Grade 5. There are traces of some Learning Disabilities but most of them are properly monitored as he grew up and progressed.

Here’s another photo taken when he was in Grade 3 and a current one.

Photobucket Photobucket

As for this ultimate wish, winner or not, I hope by reading this you’ll be inspired by the courage that this boy has shown. Be inspired that with all the hardships and trials, we still believe that someday, there will be an answer to our wishes and prayers. All people go through tough times. Some maybe thinking that their problems are bigger than the others. That life is hard and unfair. That there’s no solution therefor better to give up.  My son didn’t give up and we will not give up. God doesn’t  let us go through these problems if He doesn’t think that we can handle them. Just think of it this way, your problems maybe big but look around you. You’ll see and realize that others are suffering way more than what you’re going through. Learn to accept, look for possible solutions and deal with it.

Wishes and Prayers go hand in hand. You wish for something then pray for it!

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