NeoBux, On It’s 3rd Year!

This May, NeoBux is celebrating it’s 3rd anniversary with a new layout and a more secure payment process. Those who are into PTC or Paid To Click business, knows that NeoBux is the most stable, legit and instantly paying it’s members. A lot of  PTC sites became scam eventually but not NeoBux. This site has been the epitome of  many sites that came after. But obviously surpassed them in all aspects.

I have been a member for over a year now and is still actively clicking. Just last April 24th, I got paid again for the 12th time! Look at my payment proof below:

You can also earn like me..If you want to join, just click the banner and register for FREE!

6 thoughts on “NeoBux, On It’s 3rd Year!”

  • Hello EihdraG,

    Good money you’ve earned with Neobux. I’m a member of Neobux since a few days, I’m still fighting to earn the first dollar, I’m at halfway of earning the first dolar, lol. Happy birthday to Neobux! Congratulations on earning your payments and on writing the article. Thanks for sharing this article.
    Have a great day !

    Best regards,


  • Congrats on your last payment. Yeah, Neobux is celebrating its 3 years online by switching to a new script. And it still keep going strong as the best bux site.

    But since that script switching, we can see many new bux sites using Neobux’s old script. Did Neobux sell it to those new bux Admin 😀

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