Great Prizes I Won..

Winning the contest Make A Wish by blankpixels surely saved me a lot of money. Why? Here are the prizes for bagging the grand prize..

I am thinking of making another blog but would be a personal one. So, the free domain and hosting would surely come in handy. Just have to think of a name for my new site..

The paid advertising on Adgitize will be a big help in boosting traffic on this site.  You may not know it yet, but you could also earn from Adgitize.

The cash came also from Blankpixels (thank you!) and I could use it to buy whatever my son desires..

I am eagerly awaiting to hear from Leslie with regards to the blog design because I saw her portfolio and it’s awesome!..The new design would be great for the new blog I’m gonna make.

All the ad spaces saved me a lot of money too! Spending money on advertising is expensive, well for Some may cost you $10 or more. There are cheaper ones but there is nothing compared to, than FREE ADS ! Thanks to the sites who will feature my Banner..

I already received the 10K credits on Entrecard. Now I can buy ads using EC credits on those expensive sites,lol… Another great way to build traffic..

And the most special prize of all – the Blogging From Home book by Digital Filipino’s Janette Toral! I have been on the look out for this book ever since I became a member I think last year(?)..and now, just waiting for it to be delivered. I know as soon as I get this book, I will be consumed again in reading chapter after chapter.

and so..again, thanks to all the have made my online life a little easier…lol..

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