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I know this isn’t about money making opportunities, but I can’t just let this pass. If you could please spare a few minutes and read this post, and probably share this so we can help spread the word.

I don’t exactly know Baby Bella but her mom Rubz is hosting my sites. I only got to know Mommy Rubz online when I won in a contest. But hey, so what if I am not related or even a friend of the family. What matters is through this post I would be able to at least spread this virally.

Anyway, Baby Bella has Hernia. I didn’t even know until I read a post from a fellow blogger. I’m not aware that Hernia can also exist in girls. My eldest son also had Hernia when he was only one year old, so I know how the parents of Baby Bella must be feeling whenever she cries from pain. Baby Bella needs to have surgery as soon as possible.

The bump reached almost an inch from the fold of her legs. These are her intestines protruding out from the normal place it should be. If surgery is not performed, these intestines will be strangulated and will lose blood supply thus causing death among the tissues and will eventually cause pain and abnormalities to my baby. Surgery is needed to as prevention for more complicated physical problems. – Mommy Rubz

If you wanna know more about Baby Bella, you can visit her blog Bella Grace. Photobucket

In case you want to have your blogs reviewed, Mommy Rubz can do thatย  for only $10, she has a PR3 blog. Aside from that, she has blog hosting services, way cheaper than most hosting sites.

If you wanna avail of her services and help Baby Bella, you may email her friend Pehpot at, she’s the one in charge of getting the info of those interested.

If you’re not interested with her services, Mommy Rubz set up a Surgery Fund which you can also see on Bella Grace. If you want to donate, you can just click the Donate Button there.

Let us help Baby Bella any which way we can ๐Ÿ™‚

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