I Wanna Make More Money Online

It’s been awhile since I joined another Paid To Click (PTC) site or any other money making opportunities. I’m only maintaining a handful as shown HERE. I think it’s time to add some more to my list of everyday clicking.

So this weekend, I’m off browsing  new possible earning sites. I hope I could find something worthy to spend my spare time which is supposed to be a “time for ME”.. If you have something worth looking into, just post it on my shoutbox and not in the comment area (if you don’t want it to go directly to my spam box).


There are lots of money making sites out there but only a few are legit or should I say really paying their members. I actually had tons of  PTCs on my previous sites but when I migrated, I decided not to post it all. Besides some of them became scam and went kaput eventually. Now only sites that are still online for more than 6 months or even a year or more and still paying their members remained on my top list.

Guess this would take me more than a day or two to come up with new ones but what the heck, if I could earn some more, it would be worth it. I’m just here at home and I won’t be spending a dime so why not add some more!

4 thoughts on “I Wanna Make More Money Online”

  • Just landed on your site from my Entrecard inbox. You have a great site here. Have you tried paid to blog?

    When I started with online money making, I started with PTC also then shifted to paid blogging but still keeps some ptc’s like neobux. I will check out your list too.

    I have some paid to blog lists here: http://www.learntoearnfromhome.info

    • I just started with some paid to blog sites, but thought of making a Disclaimer first before pushing through so as to avoid having problems in the future. Will surely check your links so I can have additional income. Thanks!

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    Your blog is very informative! Have a nice weekend!

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