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In creating quality backlinks, you need to search for sites that have high Pageranks, great content and most of all a member of the DoFollow movement. Blogs that have comments onΒ  DoFollow are willing to share some link love with those who provide “quality” comments on their sites. Quality means on the topic whether it’s a suggestion or your own point of view and most of all NO SPAMMING.

I have compiled a few list of DoFollow sites and you can just check it out if it’s the same niche as yours. Note that at the time of this post, all listed below are DoFollow. If eventually they decided to be a “NoFollow”, it’s their own prerogative and we must respect them.

DoFollow Blogs

DoFollow Social Bookmarking

DoFollow Forums

DoFollow Article Directories

DoFollow Social Networks

There are more sites that are DoFollow. Google it and you’ll see what I mean. IfΒ  you think by the time you read this, some sites are no longer DoFollow, please don’t hesitate to comment so I can check it and update this list..

Notice that the links are not clickable. I made it that way because as the list grows it will be beyond Google’s allowed number of links in a page. So, as not to be flagged, I enlisted them but no backlinks.

If you want your site to be added on the list, just post a comment and I will check your site. If I didn’t include it, it means, your site is a nofollow. In case I made a mistake, please correct me if I’m wrong.

My Xlinks page are available for link exchange (clickable backlinks). If you also want to be added there, just post a comment on the said page.

By the way, this site’s comment area is a DoFollow, so fire away!

18 thoughts on “List of DoFollow Sites”

  • thank you. this one is very helpful. i just edited my blog to dofollow. i am new in blogging so i am really going around for tips.

  • As a newbie here, my ideas in the blogosphere haven’t reached yet the “enough” level! Can I ask what’s Do Follow? πŸ™‚ *Ashamed* but still smiling πŸ™‚

  • good sites lists u mentioned in this post. Thanks for helping the other seo’s also. very good blog you maintained.

    • Hi..I didn’t add links to the list because as the list grows bigger I might be penalized by Google. I have seen some DoFollow listings that doesn’t link directly to their sites. Besides, I haven’t got backlinks from them, yet. Your comments here are DoFollow and I think I am already giving you some link love already. Hope you understand..

  • Hi eihdrag,I have check and found my blog is Do-follow.If you are commenting through blogger cum google id then it will show your blogger profile link,you should comment there with open id or with Name/URL .Please check again and reply me,I am kneen to know whether there is any problem still now.I have one more question about your comment from,where I can get those comment from,by this process you have no chance to see any other link except your given link.Please reply me,have a nice day.

  • Sorry I was thinking my blog will be do follow if I delete all no follow tag from template.But it was not,ok I will try another process and do search for this,in the mean time I am installing comment luv.Thanks for your everything.If you have any idea then please tell me.

  • Hi dear very good morning.Thanx for your comment in my blog.Sorry for late implementation of do-follow tag .I have deleted “no-follow” tag now,you can check back,oh yes I,ll try comment luv.Hey one request on of my readers tell me she had a problem with open id while commenting ,please check for me and tell me,if you are facing prblm while commenting with open id.Thanxx,have a nice day.I have added your link in my backlink page.

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