Looking for a New Domain Name

I won a free domain name¬† for 2 years from a contest I recently joined. I was supposed to have thought of one by today, but boy it’s so hard to choose! There are many choices and I like most of them and up until this moment I haven’t chosen the top 5 from my list yet.

I wanted to make another blog for sometime now but has not started it yet because I want to concentrate on this blog first coz I just migrated a month and a half ago. Things are picking up here the way I want it to be so I may be able to start a fresh blog sooner than I thought.


I’m planning on creating a personal blog, one with a mission. A mission to help others by sharing the daily experiences of my life. The topics will be about parenting, life as a whole, health, marriage, family, and whatever subjects I could think of. I know this has been done already by many bloggers but I’m hoping that I could be a part of those few people who can be an instrument in a life changing way.

I know I have so much to offer and I wanna share it with my future readers and friends. Looking for the best domain name (for me)  is just the beginning of a new journey or chapter in my online existence. I wanna start right because with this new blog, I would be revealing a portion of my not so private life (lol)..

I hope I could come up with the best name within this coming week because I am overflowing with ideas and concepts and I may not be able to contain myself any longer, lol.. I haven’t thought of the Title yet because I wanted the domain and title be the same, so people would easily remember me. There are lots of things to accomplish before I pull the curtain down on my new personal blog and I would really want it to be near perfect.

Wish me luck!

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