New Blog

I’m kinda busy these days because I have been cooking up another blog. This one would be a personal blog as I have mentioned in my other post. I’ll put a link much later because I wanted it at least with some content and not under construction.

So much to do and so many things left undone. I already saved a couple of articles on my laptop just waiting to be uploaded. I already have a new domain name and thought of a great title (well, for

The web host isn’t a problem because I also won 1 year free hosting. I know I’m in good hands because a lot of  Pinoy blogs are hosted on Mommy Rubz  hosting site.

All I need is a superb theme that could temporarily serve my new blog as I await for the blog design that I also won. I spent the entire weekend browsing for themes but I haven’t found what I’m looking for..I know, there are thousands of great themes out there, but, I’m looking for something that would suit my personality and of course the niche.

Well, I do hope that I could find one that will do for the time being so I could at least start the ball rolling. Anyway, I’ll just post an update here, I hope before this month ends..

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