What Will You Do If You Will Win $100?

This is my official entry to Noel and Levy’s Thanksgiving Contest

I’m joining this contest because a hundred dollars ($100) is a lot of money nowadays. But before I go on with the details of this post, I am requesting the readers to please read My Ultimate Wish. The reason why I am asking you to read it is because that post is somehow related to this contest. How is it related? Because if  I win in this Thanksgiving contest, any of the cash prizes will go to my eldest son, Ardhen. If you have read the post, you will know why.

Ok..So here it goes..

If I win $100, all the money will be spent on Physical Therapy ( for his legs).


He needs PT 3x/week and 1 session costs about Php500 or 11$  already. In case you haven’t read the post My Ultimate Wish, my son has Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. His lower extremities are partly damage so he can’t walk like a normal kid.

If you could also comment on this post because it’s one of the mechanics for the contest. The more comments, the higher chances of winning.. Please dont forget to click the Facebook like button above too, as it is a plus to win.

Thanks in advance.

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