Would You Choose Money or Rankings?

This past weekend, as I browse through the sites I regularly visit, I noticed something…Some had a decrease in Pagerank, some totally lost it all and some were so lucky to have an increase in rankings. Perhaps it’s true that there was a minor Google Update this past few days or maybe it was “The Update” we are all waiting for..Mine didn’t change at all..it’s okay, at least I didn’t lose it.

Well, anyway, this isn’t about the PR update. It’s about choosing between MONEY or RANKINGS. Some of the sites I visit make lots of money every month and doesn’t care about their Pagerank. Maybe for them, as long as they’re continuously earning, they are happy.

I started this blog to make me some money. All I wanna do is make money and more money *lol*..Well, I made a few hundred dollars before my Blogger blog was flagged. I had so many Paid To Click sites and other money making programs that it took me a few hours to finish them all. I had quite a handful ofย  referrals to help me earn.. When I migrated to WordPress, I decided to just retain some of the best and stable PTCs and a few affiliate programs.

All things changed when I got my Pagerank. I suddenly got scared of losing it. I feel that I have worked so hard and that I deserve it. But then, I’m not making the same amount of money that I used to earn. So, that’s not quite what I want to achieve too.

Therefor, I have come to terms with myself *lol*..I wanna make more money and I can only do that by joining some other money making opportunities and return to the sites I was once a member, that is if they have not become scam sites..yet..lol..BUT, if I can make my PR stay or even higher, I would be so happy! I have also seen some blogs who are earning and yet Google blessed them with high PRs. So, I jsut have to think of ways on how to achieve that..lol..

I’d try not to piss Google by putting so many affiliate sites. I hope the Big “G” would understand that Stay at Home Moms need to earn too. ๐Ÿ™‚

So what’s your take? Would you prefer Money or Rankings?

10 thoughts on “Would You Choose Money or Rankings?”

  • I personally think that page ranking and making money go hand in hand. If you do well with SEO and getting your page highly ranked, it’s alot easier to make money.

  • But paid reviews would surely drop your rank quickly.I can say from my experience,after getting some PR from google I can mange just one session for paid reviews,in the very next update Google penalize me hardly.They don,t believe in paid reviews and in no-follow link.Actually paid review site getting one sided link but they don,t offer reciprocal,means they need a backlink for their good rank but you are started to loose everything.

  • Because I cannot rely too much on Clicks on Adsense or any other contextual link ads, and I earn more in paid reviews, all I can say there’s no choice here between Rankings and Money….one can’t earn money without their ranking. If I lose my PR then I won’t have any paid reviews to do….and even if my Alexa is high , that does not translate money…
    Would you believe despite my Alexa rank, I earn $105.00 in Google Adsense after 1 year and 8 months. Paid reviews bring me $50 to $200 a month, depending on how many paid reviews I’m able to write.

    To answer your question; of course both. One cannot do without the other.

  • Ok I can understand your point of view.I was just requesting you ,so that people can find me directly from the link if they click there.I know you gave me lot of links back to mine.Thanks anyway.I will also concentrate for PR for my site,not for too many paid reviews.

  • When I saw the title of the post, I thought that it was going to be a debate about doing paid reviews to earn some extra money, because if the paid reviews are not done in a proper way then Google takes away the page ranks.
    Anyway, as per your post, I would personally choose page rank first, and if we can build the page rank is a proper way, I think money will follow in the long run.

    • Hey there. I was thinking of getting into a debate when I was making this post, but then I only have 1 paid review on my site as of this time and I think I am not in a position to debate about that coz I’m fairly new.
      I guess you’re right. I have to build up my popularity by PR so I can eventually make more money..thanks for stressing that.

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