Writer’s Block- Anyone?

I’m not a professional writer but it doesn’t mean that I don’t get into “writer’s block mode” from time to time. There are days that I’m full of great ideas on what to post, so what I do is non-stop posting (*lol*) and just schedule the publishing one post a day. But there are days that I could not really come up with a topic or if I have some idea, it’s either I don’t know where to start or don’t know how to finish it. Simply saying, I’m at a loss for words at times and my brain is not in the mood to process thoughts coherently.

Today, is one of those days, so forgive me if I’m somehow mumbling about nothing, lol..No, really. The day started not so good and I was really not in the mood. But my hands are itching and wanted to type but not sure where to begin. I told my self why not post something about “writer’s block”? I’m experiencing it as I write this post, anyway..Just to let you know, I started this post before I made lunch today, and it’s already 7pm here and I haven’t got a clue yet on what to say next.. (might as well drop this for awhile and make dinner..lol..)


Getting back to what I really wanted to share, here are the things I do whenever I have Writer’s Block (read it, might come in handy when you are experiencing yours) :

  1. I stay away from my laptop and go out in the veranda to clear my mind and smell the not so fresh air. At least it creates a diversion because I get irritated with something else..lol..
  2. I play with the kids, watchย  cartoons or dvd with them (spending quality time is great!)
  3. I read a book – some novel I haven’t finished reading yet or start a new one that has been waiting for me to discover (but believe me I am just browsing through the pages coz it doesn’t sink in)
  4. I take out my cross stitch or beading materials from the storage and continue whatever pattern I have left undone (this I can do even without exerting so much effort)
  5. I clean the whole house or whatever part of the house that needs my attention (this is a major diversion!)
  6. If weather permits (like it’s raining hard outside now), I take my sons outside to play with other kids from the neighborhood and I mingle with other mommies (excuse me, gossiping not my cup of tea)..
  7. I go shopping or do the groceries (window shopping included)
  8. I play some cool music from my genre ( the ’80s New Wave, yeah!) and dance with my kids
  9. I take a nap – hoping when I wake up, my brain cells refreshed, I would be able to come up with something
  10. If all of the above fails and I’m still itching to type – but don’t have any idea yet on what to post, I’ll open my laptop. These tricks are most effective (for me) because after doing this, I surely have gathered my thoughts.
  • Updating my Social Networking site accounts can take off some pressure, more so if friends are online and we could chat
  • Check and update all my email accounts
  • Surf the net or read other blogs of the same niche as mine (this includes commenting and EC dropping)

The last tip (#10) usually does the trick.ย  Somehow, I get some wonderful ideas and while doing number 10, my brain is doing some drafting on what I would post next.

There are times when I can’t even make a single sentence to start a post or think of a Title that could give me an idea on what to put in a post, I just browse blogs in my community. Most of the blogs I followed or subscribe to, somehow plays an important part in my online existence. Some sites can give me vital information which could help me in some ways or another.

The tips I have listed works for me, heck, sometimes I have done them all and still nothing! During those times, I just rest my case..lol..

Usually, it takes me an hour tops to do a post…It’s almost midnight, at last I am done with this one…

Care to share some of your tricks? Maybe it will work for me too..

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