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I have been a member of many traffic exchange sites since last year but haven’t been able to surf regularly. No, actually, I think I haven’t been able to surf for many months now, lol..

Well, since I opted to not show any Adsense ads here anymore, I decided to renew my affiliation with some traffic exchange. First on the list is EasyHits4U. Why, because I have been seeing some fellow bloggers get paid, that’s why! I thought since I’m already surfing, might as well get paid for browsing.

EasyHits4U has been online since 2003. To date there are 284,820 members and has provided a great service and free traffic exchange plus you get paid for surfing!

Here are some great things about EasyHits4U:

  • Upon signing up, you get 50 free credits and 500 text ads impressions provided you first surf 50 sites.
  • You get $0.30 for every 1000 sites  surfed.
  • You also get $.10 for every referral provided they surf 100 sites.
  • You get free credits from your referrals 5 levels deep.
  • Minimum cashout is $3 and can be paid thru PayPal or AlertPay.
  • Bonus pages while surfing. You’ll  get  Surf Drawing Tickets and you could win $1,  500 credits, Banner or Text Impressions. So, you have to watch out for that.
  • You can also submit your site/s to their Free Links Directory Listings.

By the way, EasyHits4U, is a manual traffic exchange and not an auto-surf.  So, you need to click the right words/letters in order to get to the next surf page.

This is another great way to increase your traffic. Just surf  at least a hundred sites a day, I think that would give you enough credits to land a few visitors on your site. 😉

Overall Rating:  10/10

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