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This week has been a very toxic week for me. Why? Because I specially dedicated these 7 days to look for more earning opportunities online. I have joined some sites which pays to do micro jobs, added some paid to click sites on my list and today, I rekindled my interest in getting paid to blog.

I have accounts with some popular Get Paid To Blog sites way back 2 years ago. Oh boy, If I had known that I could really earn from those sites, I could have taken it seriously. Well, back then, I was just starting to blog and didn’t know any better. Some of those accounts, I was surprised are still active and I was able to log in. Funny thing was, I didn’t add any blog at all. Am still trying to remember why I didn’t submit any blog because as far as I can remember, I already have a personal one at that time. Browsing and reading thru each FAQ and Terms of the sites, I think, I didn’t claim a blog simply because I didn’t meet the basic requirements, lol..

Today, I have submitted and claimed my blog and awaiting approval. If this blog passed the requirements and I have open opportunities to grab, I’m ready. I want to earn more than what I’m currently getting  so i hope and pray that I will be approved.

I also created new accounts in some other get paid to blog sites and my blog was approved in a jiffy. I already posted some articles within the site and awaiting their reply. Oh I do hope that those articles will pass the advertiser’s “taste buds”, just to boost my confidence and earn a few dollars on the side.

I’m kinda shy in mentioning those sites that I joined, so pardon me for not I’ll make another post just to update which ones… But, for now, wish me luck!  😉

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