Google Minor Update

Just another Google PageRank update here bloggers! Been browsing all night last night as to when is the “real major update”. Apparently, the updates last June and early July was just minor. Google has been updating the inner pages for PR update. Though there were some reports that their Homepage PR decreased/increased, Google isn’t done yet and haven’t declared the official major updates.

I have been using SeoQuake  for 3 months now. This morning I noticed that there were changes in my SQ Toolbar. I still have PR2 but there are now updates on Google Index and Google Links. It used to be zero but now has new stats. This proves that all my efforts in creating back links these past 3 months were not in vain and I am on the right track. I don’t know yet what changes will happen on my homepage rank but I do hope that nothing dissapointing or I would break down and cry, lol, nah just kidding.. But honestly, I would be a hypocrite if I don’t say that I don’t expect an increase in PR. I do, and I bet most bloggers are. Who wouldn’t want to have at least PR1? It’s much better than Zero or N/A, don’t yah think?

Since, this isn’t a declared final update yet, you still might be able to create back links. Who knows, when all is done, you get to finally cheer up and be proud of your site 🙂

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