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Some of us may have noticed that there was an update done by Google last June. Nobody knows (until now)  if it was a minor or major update. I have read many predictions pertaining to when are the next updates but as far as I can recall, there wasn’t any mention of one this June. Mainly because the last update was done only last April, so they guessed in would be this July. Google updates PRs every 3 months, if you must know.

I still have PR2 but there were many bloggers who either lost their rankings, retained the current or got a higher one. Thank God there wasn’t a decrease on this blog. I have worked so hard to earn my current status and I know I deserve it.

But then, just recently, there was a buzz that there will be another update on the 1st week of July. We’re already on our 3rd week and still nothing. So, I guess, we’ll have to wait til this month has passed. If you are one of those bloggers (like me) who are concerned about rankings, well, you shouldn’t rest easy because it might not be over yet. You still have time to create back links and pillar contents just to make sure Google will notice you.

Here are some articles that you might want to read :

If you are into making money online, you know that having a higher ranking boosts your earnings. But not only that, as people recognize your blog/site, visitors will come flocking in.

Let’s just hope that we will all be happy when the next update comes. But of course, you have to do your share in order to earn a PR. As for me, I have done everything listed in those given articles above.

How about you? What did you do for the last 3 months since the last update in April?

19 thoughts on “Google PageRank Update”

    • Check these posts – Tips on How to Increase Backlinks and How To Increase PageRanks. If you have done the tips properly and correctly for the last 3 months, Google MIGHT give you your deserved ranking. I said MIGHT, because no one really knows how Google’s algorithm works. Just keep on commenting with the same niche most especially on DOFOLLOW sites like this blog. 😉

      Google Updates PageRanks every 3 months but like I said here, there were a few minor updates already…

  • my blog lost its PR last may because i moved from blogspot to my own domain. but during the update last june, it jumped from N/A to PR0. i’m hoping they update soon. PR is very important especially to us who monetize our blogs. 🙂

  • I lost my PR3 on this site on the last update, I was really surprise why, my kitchen site retain it’s PR3, and I now I’m glad I regain the PR3 again. 🙂

  • I still have zero Pr… im just hoping hat on the next google update it will be better for me, congrats to you anyway

    • Bet you’ll get an increase on the next update, Jen. You’ve put a lot of effort on your blog and I do hope Google sees that.. 😉

  • Now Google is factoring ACTIVITY more heavily in their rankings. The latest algorithm places greater emphasis on activity and freshness. Your site needs regular fresh content…

  • Just checked my money-making blog’s PR. Didn’t know that Pinay Online Money Maker is now PR1. I hope I get a higher PR next time for that blog. My main blog (Just Another Pixel) is still at PR4 and I hope I can maintain that.

    Good luck to all of us!

    • Hope you get an increase in your money making blog, you deserve it, after all you made a lot of effort teaching newbies like me.. As for your other blog, congrats and I hope next update you gain some more.. Thanks 😉

  • Thanks for posting this and the your other Page Rank resources. I recently bought a domain and I went back to PR 0. 🙁 Hope I can get it back soon.

    • Google update might be just around the corner. Hope you get it back. If not, try building lots of backlinks and don’t forget to comment often on dofollow blogs of same niche as yours.. Thanks 😉

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