Make Money with has been around for many years now. They offer a wide variety of Health and Beauty products from their parent company, Pacific Naturals. You might have heard or seen products like Acai Berry, Alta White and Liver Active, these are just a few of the many products they endorse and sell.

Now, how can you MAKE MONEY from MarketHealth? By simply promoting their products! Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s another one of those affiliate programs. But hey! If you know what to sell and if you see other people earning from it, would you not wanna try and sell it too? I know, I would!

In becoming one of their Affiliate Marketers, you need to register (of course). Membership is FREE and it’s so easy to join. Just go to and sign up. Afterwhich, you will be able to view all the products and create campaigns for each. Now, when you have already chosen which offers you want to promote, just get the corresponding banners and links and put it on your site. It’s just like putting ads on your blog.

You can earn money thru commissions for each product you sold, of course they have to come from your links. Believe me, I have seen many who got paid, so these products must be HOT! Plus, you get paid from all re-orders! You also earn 5% from the sales made by your referrals.

The payments are sent twice a month provided you meet the minimum cashout of $20. Sales generated from the 1st to 15th of the month will be paid 2 weeks after, the same goes with products sold on the 16th to 30th. You can choose to be paid either by PayPal or Check.

I have a great feeling that this is a very promising online opportunity because as I have said many fellow bloggers have already been paid. Besides, what have you got to lose? All you have to do is sign up to and put the ads on your site. That’s it! 😉

If you want to know more, just head on to their site,, and just take a peek on what they have to offer.

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