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Recently, I have been introduced to sites which pays to do micro jobs and one of which is I am adding sites like these to my list of  Money Making Sites because I have seen some people already got paid. Since it’s free to join, might as well try these sites to earn me some additional dollars. connects people such as webmasters and bloggers.  They can be “The Employers” and/or  “The Workers”.  Employers are the ones who start campaigns in order to get their desired jobs done, reviews it and pay the workers. Workers then choose tasks which they think they are capable to do and finish, submits it and waits for payments to be credited to their accounts. The Employers can be workers too if they want to earn. Just the same, Workers can be employers if they need some things done for them.

The jobs are easy to do and can be finished in a few minutes. You can even reach cash out on your first day, of course, if all the microjobs you submitted gets approved. Here are some examples of what you can do :

  • Write a short Article
  • Review sites
  • Blog Commenting
  • Sign up or register to other sites
  • Posting Links
  • Vote for sites
  • and many more

Registration on is FREE and there’s even a $1 sign up bonus for you. The minimum payout limit for this site is only $9. There are plenty of available jobs and some even costs $1 – $2 per task. So, you see, if you can get those high paying jobs done in one sitting, you could be on your way to payout in no time! Payments are processed 30 days after you make a request. That’s a long waiting time, but hey, if they can pay, I could wait. Payment options are PayPal, Moneybookers, AlertPay and by check.

These are simple jobs and if I can do it, so can you!


Overall Rating : 8/10
( Why? I just started and haven’t received payment yet.This post and rating will be changed as soon as I get my first)

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