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I found out about WebeServe when I was doing my rounds of EC dropping. One of my fave site did a review on WebeServe and I got curious, so I checked it.

It’s all about giving and doing MicroJobs. And then you say, what the heck is a MicroJob? It’s a job or task which can be done or finished in just a matter of minutes. No need to use so much of your braincells coz it’s peanuts compared to creating an article, lol..

There are of course, the Advertisers, who will set up campaigns such as Tweeting/Retweeting a certain Url with a short message, Liking and/or commenting on a Facebook Fanpage, posting on forums, blog reviews and many other jobs.

These jobs are done by the so called “Service Providers”. There are categories in which a Service Provider must add to their account and set a price on how much they are asking for a particular category based on a price range given by the Advertiser. After which, a Service Provider can now choose which microjob he/she wants to do. There is a time frame for each job, can be a day or more. But most of the jobs I have recently completed took me just a few minutes.

The Advertiser sets a certain amount or price for a job. The Service Provider gets up to 85% commission for the completed job. After the job has been reviewed and passed the verification process, you get paid instantly and added to your account balance. The minimum payout is $20 and can be paid thru Paypal.

Now, it’s called MicroJobs, so the payment for each completed/verified task is also micro,lol. There are jobs which pays ranging from $.05 to $4 or more. There is a limit of how many jobs you can take for FREE accounts. But they also offer packages wherein you can upgrade so you can do more jobs.

It’s better than clicking for PTC sites because you can earn $1/day, depending on which category you choose to work on. There are plenty of jobs and every day there are new campaigns.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to check out the site or want to start working, you may visit

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  • You really should mention that ice providers only receive the 85% commission after they have accumulated enough points to do so. This is very misleading. Providers start out making only 30%.

    • I’m sorry if you think that way. Providers do start with 30% only on their 1st job but the second job will start with a 70% commission already. Perhaps this would make it clearer, pls read on.

      Here’s something from WebeServe FAQ:

      Commision Chart Depending on Your WebePoints.

      WebePoints is a formula created by WebeServe team to calculate the quality of the Service Provider’s work. Every piece of work done will affect your WebePoints positively or negatively.After adding WebePoints, you will gain access to more features and facilities in addition to becoming a priority for the highest bids from Advertisers. The default WebePoint amount when signing up is 1500.

      * Less Than 1500 WebePoints 30% in Commission.
      * Exactly 1500 WebePoints 30% in Commission. (Only The First Job)
      * From 1501 to 1525 WebePoints 70% in Commission.
      * From 1526 to 1600 WebePoints 75% in Commission.
      * From 1601 to 1800 WebePoints 80% in Commission.
      * From 1800 to 2000 WebePoints 85% in Commission.

      You’re right that a provider will start at 30% but do 2 very easy jobs and you already jumped to 70%. I didn’t mislead anybody here, because I did say this, “The Service Provider gets up to 85% commission for the completed job”. I didn’t say that one could get big % commissions right away and on their first job.
      I value your opinion and thank you for giving me a chance to clear this.

    • So far, earning here is faster than PTCs.. You could earn $1 just by creating a review of only 100 words. Lots of microjobs to choose from.. A simple tweet can earn you $.50.. Try it, it’s so easy to do πŸ˜‰

  • Obviously income from these sites are higher than those from PTCs, but also the work to be done is more. But definitely, worth a try if we are really serious about it.
    Btw, congrats for bagging the 3rd prize in Levy and Noel’s Thanksgiving contest. You got richer by $20. πŸ™‚

    • If one is serious in making money, more work means more moolah πŸ˜‰ Thanks for reminding me about the contest πŸ˜‰ Yup, $20 is already a big help, thanks πŸ˜‰

  • I agree sites like these are much better and easier to earn money with than PTC sites.I actually have a list of sites similar to this on my blog,I haven’t heard of this one however.Is the referral program any good with this site?I guess ill check it out and see whats up since you recommend it πŸ™‚

    • Been looking for sites that pay much higher than PTCs. I’ll also take a look at what you have on your site. Regarding referral program, they pay 50% commission on ref’s first task completed and verified.

  • will check this on monday, i will not be in front of my pc 2mrw, its my rest day… thanks for this wonderful info…

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