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I have been a member of for sometime now and I’m glad that they are still paying after almost 2 years of being online. This PTC site is not as big as Neobux, with only 57,555 members to date, but at least they have not turned into scam. is an Aurora site. Unlike Bux sites which pays $.01 per click, Aurora Sites pays lesser than that. Maybe that’s why these sites have surpassed most Bux sites simply because the click rate is much lower.

I haven’t been active with this site for months now so I wasn’t sure if it’s still paying. So, when I logged in to my account and saw that I have at least more than the minimum amount on my main balance, I decided to cash out just to see if they’re still legit and paying. And in just a few minutes, here comes the email that I have received the payment.

So, to give proof that they indeed paid me (lol), though it’s not much, here’s the proof : has many ads to click and read, sometimes I see 60++ ads in a day. If you are looking for another legit PTC, you may wanna try this. Membership is free and upgrade is only a $1 a year.

Just click the banner to go to the site..

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  • Yup, I have been paid 4-5 times by this site, but I am not much active there as I get 100+ ads every day which takes a lot to time to click all of them. But I have calculated that if I am active everyday, I can earn more than 4 cents per day (which is more than neobux!!!!). but I lack the patience to click so many ads. 🙁

    • haha.. that’s why I only received my second payment just a few days ago. Apart for not being that active, I haven’t clicked that much too 🙂 I also don’t have much patience for so many ads,lol… and yet, we clickers sometimes ask for more 😉

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