PalmBux- Now A Scam?

It’s a question mark fellas, so I don’t have any proof yet. But I have seen some posts from bloggers I know that PalmBux turned to scam already. As usual, the reason is “they’re not paying”. It isn’t clear how long they have been waiting for their payments but their complaints bothered me a little.

Before I surfed my PalmBux ads today, I wrote down how much is on my main balance, just to know if it will update after and it did. I’m only a few cents to cash out my fourth payment, so here’s hoping that it hasn’t turned to scam..yet…

Browsed the new forum, checked the threads especially the Filipino forum but nobody mentioned anything about it. The forum is still active and buzzing. Recent payments (latest today) were posted. Admin still present and responding. So, what the heck is it then that makes this site a scam?

Cashflow is still regulated and that’s fine by me. By the way, you fellas in the Philippines don’t need to wake up at 6am Philippine time just to make it when cashout opens at 00:00 server time. Our cashout as per Joserey_22m, a Filipino forum moderator,has changed. Please read the thread HERE.

Okay, as I have mentioned earlier, I’m nearing pay out, so might as well wait and see if they’ll pay me. I’ll update this post and create a separate one for my payment details. For now, I’m crossing my fingers (and toes, lol).

8 thoughts on “PalmBux- Now A Scam?”

  • I wonder how to be an online worker.. lol. yeah, i tried once but too bad it came out to be failed. but too bad that this palmbux had turned out to be scam. and i am afraid that there are lots of ad sites now existing.. 🙁

  • Sana nga ganun, but, most moderators that are hired are being paid to say positive things and promote the site. Go check Earn Money Space forums. You’d find lots of people complaining about PalmBux. They are even saying that we should stay away from this site. I didn’t listen the first time, but, now I’m listening.

    And, yes, I didn’t place them on my scam alerts ’til I was sure. I tried for over a week to cash out on their said server reset time (7am, 6am and, recently, 1pm) and I got looped around.

    It’s just ridiculous that, aside from the difficulty in withdrawing funds, they now are requiring us to invest. Definitely a scam site.

    But, good luck. I hope you get your money! 🙂

    • IncraseBux has the same ruling for some time now – to invest first before you can cash out again. So far, I was able to cash out last time. Maybe it’s their way to stay stable so as not to close down. But heck, do I sound like I’m fooling myself here 🙂 ? Hahaha.. Haven’t been scammed for a long time now and didn’t think that PalmBux would turn out to be one.. But then, no one can predict what will happen eventually.. Here’s hoping to get my money.. Anyway, I already made some profit with the site, so at least it doesn’t hurt that bad 😉

      As for the moderators (not in general), how can they sleep peacefully at night knowing they are conniving in scamming people (assuming what you said is true) ? More so if you are Pinoy? If I’m in that situation, I’ll get whatever money I can withdraw ( I guess admins would allow them to withdraw or else they’d squeal), and resign. After that I’ll tell my fellow Pinoys of what’s really happening. I’d tell even if I can’t get the money. “Pera lang, me takot ako sa Diyos.”

      Oh boy, I’m more disgusted and disappointed with such people than being scammed! Ayan nagtaray na, lol… 🙂 🙂

    • I was able to withdraw last May. Woke up at 6am Philippine time just to wait for the cashout reg to open. After a few hours of being glued to the site, I got my payment. I hope the Pinoy mod investigates and tell us the truth..Thanks and nice to hear from you again. 🙂

  • If you ask me, Palmbux is now a scam site. They are making payouts too freaking hard for members. They remind me of 247Bux, which disappeared without paying a lot of their members. Just thinking of the ridiculous fees they charge you before cashing out is the same as saying you need to invest before you get paid, which is one sign that a PTC site is a scam.

    I have already converted my earnings to advertising credits for Pinay Online Money Maker. I don’t want to wait any more for a chance to withdraw earnings that I deserve to get in the first place. I’m actually updating my list and was making sure there are tons of complaints against them before I give my final verdict on my blog. A lot of Pinoys I know, including some of my friends, mentioned that even during the supposedly server reset time, you’d have difficulty withdrawing your funds.

    • Well, if that’s the case, since I’m only a few more cents to cash out, I’ll wait and see. If after a few days I still can’t cash out, I’ll give the verdict. Thanks for the info,Mhel. We need to inform others so as not to be scammed further 😉 By the way, I browsed the Filipino forum but no one ever mentioned about the site being scam. I hope the Filipino moderator would tell us what’s really happening there. Dapat mas pabor sya satin than the site….

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