Tips on How to Keep Visitors on your Blog

Every serious blogger knows how important it is to keep your visitors stay on your site/blog longer than a few seconds. A few minutes, let’s say even 5 minutes would somehow suffice to satisfy the visitor’s eyes and attention. Not wasting their time on a blog that doesn’t meet their demands or whatever it is that they’re looking for, would drive them to exit your page as soon as they have landed. This is where you have to come up with bright ideas on how to make them stay longer. More so, if you are selling something, the more they browse and read your contents and be engaged for a while, the more probable sales you may get.

Here are a few tips on How To Keep Your Visitors On Your Blog:

  • Make sure that your blog loads fast. I placed this on top of all tips because it’s just a waste of time if you can’t make it load faster. Visitor’s won’t waste their precious time to wait and would surely exit your page in a flash. Unless, they are your frequent and devoted friends, I think they would wait. But then, you’re still losing potential subscribers or buyers.
  • Publish your blog the professional way. If you can’t make it sound like you’re a Pro, at least avoid having lots of grammatical and spelling errors. Nobody would want to read a blog with so many misspelled words or wrong sentence constructions. Of course, we’re only human and allowed to make mistakes. But, do try to proofread before you post.
  • Easy Navigation. Try using tabs, cloud tags, or categories to clear off some clutters on your blog. Visitors are always on the go and if they find your blog a mess, they’d be out in a hurry. Make your site easy to navigate. Categorize what needs to be, so posts and important links will be easy to find. Put it in places that can be easily spotted and read. Remember that Categories also represents your Blog’sย  Overview. It will easily allow your visitors to click which ever interest them. A Sitemap would be useful too as it has all the list of your posts.
  • Easy To Read Text. Nobody wants to stay and read texts smaller than what I’m using now. You will just give your visitors headache from trying to read a post written smaller than the normally used text size. Make sure that if you use highlighted words, they are not too bright or too dark to avoid straining their eyes.
  • Create interesting and unique contents. This one is most important, for me. Visitors are on your site to read posts that lead them from search engines or other blogs. So, it means, they clicked the link because they are interested on what you’ll say. Assuming that you just copied it, no originality at all, visitors won’t make the same mistake again of clicking any other links within your blog.

For me, there are lots of topics out there that you can bring to life but in your own words and style. Try and think ofย  relevant topics about your niche. Create a fresh post, be it based from your own experience or by other bloggers. Just don’t copy / paste. Be imaginative and make it interesting, so your visitors will want to read more from your site. Make it somewhat interactive. Ask questions that your readers would want to comment in response to your query.

Variety is a great factor in making your visitors stay. You need to discuss different topics within your niche. Avoid posting the same trend one post after another. If you still want to post it, reschedule it a few days later.

Highlight words that are important and use bullets/numbers so you can easily relate the purpose of your posts. Use short paragraphs and learn to cut the chase and be direct to the point.

  • Use Graphics/Photos. While unique content is a great read, it would be more appealing to the readers/visitors to see some pictures or photos associated and relevant to the topic. Some photos may say it all about what you are about to discuss. If you need to use charts or thumbnails to further give detailed and step by step instructions, then, by all means, do so. Don’t forget, do not use too large images and host it somewhere other than your server. This way, your blog’s loading time will not suffer.
  • Use Audio or Video Posts. I have seen so many PRO Bloggers use this style to attract more readers. If they can do it, so can you. Of course, you have to record it clear, otherwise, the stop button is just one click away.
  • Related Posts. A must have after each and every post. These are links to your other articles which needless to say, are related or closely relevant to the current one. Older posts which are already buried deep in your file, will be visited and probably be read again.
  • Offer Freebies. Great way to keep them from leaving. If you could find something to give for free to your visitors that are related to your niche, let’s say an E-Book, software or discounts, then go do it.
  • Avoid too many distractions. I used to have too many affiliate banners and ads on my previous blog. It looked beautiful to me, with all those flashy designs and colors. I wasn’t thinking of my visitors in general. Most are easily distracted and annoyed by the ads, so I decided to trim them down. Hey, I have to promote, so spare me a few ads, lol. The main idea here is to get your message relayed through your content. Try to make your site’s content more visible and interesting than what you are promoting.

These are just a few examples on how to keep your visitors and turn them into readers, subscribers or buyers. Place yourself in your visitor’s shoes. Visualize what you want to see or expect when you visit another blog. Analyze what you have been missing and doing wrong.

How about you? How do you keep your visitors stay longer on your blog? If you wish to add some more tips, feel free to comment below.

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18 thoughts on “Tips on How to Keep Visitors on your Blog”

  • Hello,

    Excellent tips shown, another tip is using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, be your visitors’ friend through Facebook and let the visitors follow you through Twitter. Every time you will update your profile on Facebook, the information will be shared on a ‘common wall’ where every friend of yours within Facebook will see. Also, enable newsletters – your visitors will add their email to the newsletter, everytime you post – you send a newsletter to each of these visitors and they will sure come back.
    Thank you for sharing this great article, I enjoyed reading it!

    Best regards,


  • For us, the best thing so far has been to write consistently and engage our readers. Some of our readers have started having conversations on our blog, which has been tons of fun!

  • Yes all of your advices are true, i hate browsing hen the website is very slow and also you must consider your readers, don’t think of yourself when you start writing.

  • Awesome post,I agree wholeheartedly.I’m currently working on a way to integrate related posts on my articles.I still use an old template perhaps its time for an update.

  • Hahaha. I also had a couple of those. Someone even realized it wasn’t my blog’s fault or where it’s hosted, but his internet connection. And he was typing his messages on my chatbox like it was a live chat with me. *LoL*

  • I have a pending article with the same topic. Guess I have to rewrite it. *LoL*

    But, yes, I agree with everything you say. Some bloggers, especially those who maintain personal blogs, don’t think too much of their visitors. I started out as a web designer even before I became a blogger officially so I already understood the important things you have to consider when publishing a blog or website. I remember having this petty fight with a fellow blogger when I suggested she take out a few of the marquee and glittery, flashy, animated images/ads/banners on her blog ’cause they all slow down her site. When people started to agree with me, that’s when she realized I was really right. *LoL*

    But, I’m a bit guilty of this on my money making blog. But, I’m keeping everything organized when I finally move to WordPress.

    I hope more people will get to read this, especially bloggers like us.

    • Someone actually did the same thing when I was in Blogger with this very same blog, lol. He got so pissed coz he wanted to read one of my post that he clicked from a search engine. He was so curious and waited for the page to load and it took more than 5 minutes! and he said he just waited so he could complain on my shoutbox, for all to see, lol, which was at the bottom of the page, hahaha.. Well, at that time, I didn’t know any better.
      Thanks, Mhel. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Excellent tips. I think you have covered almost all of them, I can’t think of any more at the moment.
    The most important among these are fast loading time, content quality, legible text and contrast and avoiding too many distractions. These are a must, according to me.

    • I do admit I sometimes get impatient when a site I like to visit takes forever to load, that’s why it’s on my top list. Besides, what else is there to see if loading time is a problem, right? Thanks again, Sourav ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Actually I am new blogger, these tips were all helpful to me! In fact, I already followed some of the tips you have mentioned.

    Yes as a regional young writer, I can reflect, that a blogger must be unique on his/her contents of his/her blog. That’s why copy-paste entries are plagiarism but ‘copying’ thoughts of more than 1 entries is already considered a “research”…I repeat only the ‘thought’. Anyways that’s my realization! And I do look forward to write a post about it in the future!…

    I rate this post 10/10, frankly speaking! I am an avid reader here specifically the tips.

    • Wow, nice to know that someone’s following and implementing my tips :). Thanks for the rating! You may want to subscribe to my feeds to get fresh updates. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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