Top 10 Commentators for June

A quick post to thank  the people who made the Top 10 Commentators for June and some link love for you here and on the sidebar 🙂

  1. Manas Kabiraj-FreeMoneyMaker
  2. Elvie              –Invest and Work at Home
  3. Mursalin        –Online Earning
  4. Sourav           –Tech N Blogging
  5. Jen                  –Contests and Promos for Pinoys
  6. Jose               –Something to Brood Over
  7. Mommy Rubz –PinayMommyOnline
  8. Bingkee        –I Love/Hate America
  9. Jason L        –Extra Earning Opportunities
  10. Pookie         –Pookie’s Top Money Making Websites

Thank you also to the others who didn’t make the top 10. Who knows, you might be on the list next month. So, fire away your comments.

PS: The comments on this blog are DoFollow. You comment and I’ll follow you back and comment on your site. Thank y’all 🙂


23 thoughts on “Top 10 Commentators for June”

  1. Hi EihDrag nice concept for recognise your top viewer,but may I ask a question? I just notice your “dofollow” image and my entrecard image both linked with photobucket not with proper post link.Any reason behind it? or it just a mistake? hey don,t make any other sense,just curious about that.Have a nice day.Anyway thanks for being your top commentator.I hope it will continue.

    1. Oh I’m sorry, i didn’t realize that. Can’t find it on your site so I used the one on my server. Forgot to link it, thou.. Not intentional eh 😉

  2. Thanks once again for sharing the link love 🙂
    One day, when my blog will be as popular as your site and get many visitors and commenters, I will do exactly like you’re doing now 🙂

    Thanks once again

  3. Oh I wasn’t expecting this! Thanks the “exposure” you made to my blog as well the owner of course. Anyways, may i know your name? ^^

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