What Is Triond.com?

I have been a member of Triond.com, I think since last year, but only got to publish my very first article a few days ago. Guess I signed up for a few paid to post sites and then forgot all about it. Until a month ago, when I asked my readers to give me some ideas on How I Can Make More Money Online, I remembered Triond.com.

So, what is Triond.com? Triond is an online publishing service. You create your unique articles about anything that you want to be published, provided you don’t violate their terms. Be it about money making, poems, sports, health, lifestyle, travel and just about anything that you can think of. Make sure you read their Terms to avoid being rejected or suspended.  Then Triond will publish it on niche websites or on sites that are relevant to your articles. This way, you will get targeted traffic, more readers and earn revenue.


Joining Triond.com is free and anyone can join. You get full credits for each and every article that you write. All you have to do is create original articles and you don’t have to worry about how to publish it nor the technical, financial and marketing aspects. Triond will do all that for you. All you have to worry is what topic to post next. As soon as they have it approved, they’ll publish it.

Your articles generate revenue in several ways, from display and contextual advertising which you will see on the pages of your published content. You will earn 50% of the revenue which will be paid thru PayPal, check or Western Union. For PayPal, the minimum cash out is only $0.50. For Checks and Western Union, minimum payment is $50. If you don’t meet the minimum amount for this month, it will be rolled over to the next month until you reach cash out.

Each account has a Dashboard, wherein you will be able to track how many have clicked your articles, your earnings and many more. You can even make it as sort of your portfolio and personalize it.

If you wanna make extra income monthly, I suggest you try Triond.com. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a professional writer or just a beginner, as long as you can write in English and express your thoughts, words will come easily and earnings will follow.

4 thoughts on “What Is Triond.com?”

  • Triond is good. It really pays but I am having a hard time deciding where to post the article. Whether on my blog or it triond. So I am not that active on this site but they are paying me monthly. I only have 6 premium articles btw.

    • hahaha..Before I started with these paid to blog sites, I have already encountered a lot of bloggers having the same dilemma. I thought of that too. But then, I guess, I would just have to think of other things to post on my blogs that would somehow differ from paid ones.. Thanks 🙂

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