Won $20 In A Contest!

Alas! The winners for the Thanksgiving Contest of Noel and Levy has been announced. The result was much awaited by all participants because of  the $100 grand price. Oh, you should have seen how many of us joined and I bet everyone did their best to come up with the best answer.

As for me, I won again and got the third price for $20! Isn’t it great! Thanks Levy and Noel for this wonderful contest.

So, who won the grand price? Well, I knew all along that Mommy Rubz of  PinayMommyOnline  would be the winner of us all. Many other bloggers even those who joined the contest (and me too) commented and liked her post.  I guess we wanted her to win, we wanted to help at least in our own small ways. I’m so happy that she won. At least now, the money can be added to Baby Bella’s  Surgery Fund.

Congratulations to all the other winners! Again, Thanks Levy and Noel for this very successful contest 😉

Thanks also to all those people ( Family, friends and fellow bloggers) who helped us win by commenting and liking our post What Will You Do If You Will Win $100? . We couldn’t have done it without you all. 🙂 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Won $20 In A Contest!”

  • yeah, there’s always next time, i charged their school supplies to my Credit Card and maybe can pay it after a month.

    • Wow, Jen, I’m so proud of what you’ve been doing for those kids! God will shower you with more blessings for having a kind heart 😉

  • wow, congrats…. i didnt make it but its ok, i’ll find another way to help the kids… anyway mommy rubs and baby bella grace deserves to win… ^_~

    • If we could only win it all.. It’s ok Jen. I read your post and I admire you for thinking of their future. And a lot of people like it, di ba.. I hope I could help in some other ways. Yup, I’m so happy that she won. At least now, only a few hundred dollars more and she’s off to surgery.. Thanks 🙂

    • Hey! Congrats too. EC Credits are great prizes to win too.. At least we can advertise for free 😉 Yup, I actually feel great that Mommy Rubz won 🙂

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