Adgitize Extends Summer Promotion

This Summer Promo started last May and was supposed to end on the 31st of July. But due to the success of the special promo mainly because of an increase in advertisers, Adgitize has now extended it this August and may go on for sometime.

Most blogs I know have been publishing ads of other Adgitized members. It’s free to be a publisher but if you want to advertise, the ad price for a month is $14. So, what good will this promo do to those who advertise? Well, you get your advertising money back! For those who don’t advertise and just want to be a publisher, gosh, you’re missing a lot!

You need to earn 300 points a day to guarantee your free ad. Advertisers can get a minimum of  $0.47 /day that would amount to $14.57  for 31 days. So, you get back the advertising fee that you paid ($14) and you earn profits too.

How do you get to make easy 300 points a day? Here’s how:

  • advertisers already earn 100 points everyday as advertising bonus
  • advertisers need to click 51 ads only to earn 100 click points
  • write one article on any of your blogs (make sure it’s added on your Adgitize account), you earn additional 100 points

Plus you earn points from ad views and page views, so the points you will earn in a day (if you do all of the above) will be more than 300 points. You will earn no less than 47 cents a day just for doing that. Minimum monthly cashout is $10 via Paypal. You could be cashing out more than the minimum every month.

Do you think this can’t be achieved in a days work? Well, I tried doing it  for many days now and believe me, it’s so easy to earn 300 points in one sitting!

If you are  a publisher, you will have to do more work and doesn’t guarantee that you will be earning the same amount each day as an advertiser does.

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