Adgitize Increases Blog Traffic

I have been a publisher of Adgitize ads since January this year but only got to advertise when I won a free advertising from one of the contests I joined. Initially, I thought I’d be wasting $14 every month for advertising this blog not thinking of the benefits I could get from being an advertiser. $14 is already a big amount for me and I could advertise in other sites for free.

So, since there wasn’t any out of the pocket money involved, I don’t have any choice but to try it. Before I was approved, I remembered, my Alexa ranking was over a million. Blog visitors wasn’t that scarce because I have free ads from other sites I joined, but ain’t as many when I tried Adgitize.

True enough, just on the very first day, my Alexa ranking went down really fast. First by the hundreds, then eventually by the thousands! Isn’t it great! I have been seeing posts by other bloggers who have also tried advertising in Adgitize for the first time and that’s what they’ve also noticed. As of now, my Alexa rank is 182,845 and I know that Adgitize was a big factor in lowering down my rank.

Aside from that, many bloggers started commenting here and somehow noticed my blog. Plus, if I become active in clicking other member’s ad, post 1 article a day and the bonus advertiser points, I would be able to receive more than the advertising fee I paid. If you want to know the details on how you can benefit more as an advertiser, you might wanna read the Adgitize Summer Promotion I posted earlier.

Had I known before or actually read the benefits on Adgitize, I didn’t think twice and advertised. Right now, I’m advertising my other blog, One Proud Momma. To date, if I continue on being active and earn the necessary points, I know I’d be able to get back the $14 plus profit.

If you aren’t a member of Adgitize yet, or haven’t tried advertising your blog, I highly recommend it. Believe me, you won’t regret it. Apart from being recognized in the blogosphere, you also get to earn your money back and earn some more.

You may proceed to Adgitize by clicking HERE or the banner below.

Adgitize your web site.

If you are an old Adgitize advertiser, what have you experienced? Have you already reaped your rewards?

12 thoughts on “Adgitize Increases Blog Traffic”

  • Wow, thanks a lot for sharing such a great network like Adgitize, sounds like they’re really ok. I’m looking forward to using their website in the future, maybe tomorrow. You said good words about them, I’m thinking seriously about giving them a try. Have a great day, Maria.

  • I wrote a long comment but because I entered a wrong captcha, everything is gone. And that discourage me to write it again. It was all about my story being a publisher and now 4 days as advertiser. *big sigh* That was a long comment. *big sigh again*

    Anyway, Publisher-$0.34/Advertise-$0.75 at some point I reach $0.80

    • dunno with bounce rate but will check later.. Quality traffic increased alright 🙂 Try and advertise even for just a month and you’ll see a remarkable drop in your Alexa..

  • I am also new to Adgitize but I see a great help it add to my traffic instantly and been active now for one month and half generating enough revenue to pay the ads by itself. I actually noticed that you can opt out the payment, I am just now trying it if it really works, and just try the free advertize but you need to make 300 point clicks in 4 days. Starting my free ad today, am stll yet to see how it worked or if it worked at all.

    • if you are a publisher, it would really be hard to make the 300 click points to earn as much as the advertisers are earning. But if you’d try to advertise even for a month, you only need 51 click points and 1 article each day to easily earn 300. If you actively do that every day, you will definitely earn back what you paid for the ad ($14).. 🙂

  • di pa ako nag advertise in adgitie, pero publisher muna, i’ll wait for my first payment as a publisher and i will use it to become advertiser.

    • how much do you earn per day as publisher? Do you click ads in Adgitize too? I’m just wondering just in case I won’t advertise again.. At least there’s a point of comparison.. Thanks Jen..

  • Yayy! I also had second thoughts when I tried it. Good thing you got it from a contest pa (was it my blog contest or someone else’s?) ‘coz my first time, I paid for it na. I always get back the $14.00. Most of the time, even higher payments. I try to be an active publisher/blogger so I can maximize my earnings from them.

    It really does pay for itself. 🙂

    (by the way, sis, i always get an error when i post a comment here ‘coz i keep on forgetting to fill up the captcha. lol)

    • It was your contest that I got the free ad, lol, lucky me 🙂 .. If I didn’t win that I wouldn’t have tried it at all.. hehehehe, so thanks again for opening new doors 🙂

      Henaku! I already messed up my template when trying to insert nuffnang in the footer.php and it’s still just a bunch of code that the theme author placed their to protect the footer from being edited, maybe it’s to protect the ad links. Anyway, when I saw that the captcha was inserted after the submit button and the author said to fix it in the comment.php, hay, I left it as it is coz I might mess it up again and the whole blog would suffer..hehehehe.. long story na…

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