Entrecard Top 10 Droppers for July

I didn’t forget, just posted it later than usual 🙂 This time the drops are higher than last month. I would like to thank these blogs and of course the people behind it, who were very active in July. Here’s some link love for y’all.. Sorry, I wasn’t that active in dropping back. I’ll be returning the favors this time..Thanks again 🙂

BeThere2Day GadgetWorld Contest and Promos Live for Life

FreeMoneyMaker Blogging With My Heart My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf EasyCash

LearningHowToEarnOnline Pookie's Top Money Making Websites

Aside from the link love here, each of these badges will be featured 9 days FREE slot on the main ad block. 9 days for the first 3 badges, then 9 days again for the following 3, and 9 days for the last 3. It’s August 4th already, so we only have 27 days left in August, that’s why only 9 days. Yay, I hope I got the figures right, am so sleepy already. Anyway, since Jen of Contest and Promos for Pinoys already gets link love for being one of the top 3 commentators for the month of July, only nine will get a 9 day free ad slot. Hope Jen won’t mind 🙂 Promise next time I’ll post the top 10 on the first day of the month, so all would get 10 days each..Thanks again y’all..

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