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Christmas season is just around the corner. Though it’s still too early, I have seen and heard some people already planning on where to shop for their Christmas gifts. Wondering where to get the best deals for their money and be kinda original in choosing what to give to loved ones.

Have you heard of trade show exhibits? Well, these are events in which certain manufacturers or industries promote and sell their products or goods. It can be clothes, jewelries, bags, home care products, foods, company products or even international items. I love visiting exhibit shows in town and nearby cities, scouting for something to give as a gift to special people in my life. I have also joined some trade shows and bazaars when I still had my own boutique.

Having your own exhibit is really very tiring and stressful. Lots of products to prepare, organize and display. We didn’t have to worry about bringing big tables because the event coordinator already provided it. We brought our own table covers which had our company logo printed on it for easy recognition and came in different colors. There were no chairs provided so we brought our own. We had a few directors chairs at home that are easy to carry, not too heavy (though it’s wooden) and can be folded if more space are needed. Our information table was adorned with some table top display which showcased our most affordable and popular items on sale.

Come December, we are planning to visit the World Trade Center in Manila for it’s 10th World Bazaar and the Christmas Shop Expo. I’m sure there will be lots of interesting products which my eyes will feast on. Probably would be going home with my arms full, and so is my big bag.

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  • I love bazzar, last year we were at WTC Xmas bazzar, you can see a lot of items that is not available in a regular store, and he price is so affordable

    • I love them too specially during Christmas season because I am allowed to buy many for gift giving and without Hubby looking at me as if his eyes are telling me to stop already,lol.. Thanks jen 🙂

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