Make Money Online Goes General….

General what?! Haha, don’t wanna leave it hanging (the title), just can’t think of a better one right now, but since you’re reading this post, at least I got your attention, didn’t I? Oh well, this isn’t something serious but actually just a follow up of my intention to not just blog about my money making journey but also of other things “beyond” what I usually post in this particular blog.

I decided to shift from the category of Business to General blogging. Not that I’m having a hard time creating articles for my “make money online” niche but the purpose of the change is also in line with some of the online opportunities I have embarked recently. It would be more profiting for me if I blog about topics in general and not concentrate in just one niche. Lol, if you’re one of those who makes a living with paid posts, you definitely know what I’m getting at here. *wink*

To date, this blog has been approved by at least 7 of the many sites I have joined and just waiting for opportunities to come rolling in. Lol, wish it’s that easy, but I think for a newbie like me, opps would be a little hard to come by (hahaha).. At least, this blog is in and I think that’s all that matters..for now..

2 thoughts on “Make Money Online Goes General….”

  • It’s harder to get paid posts now apparently. I have a friend who’s been blogging for more than 2 years and she said the offers are considerably fewer now. I’m still hoping to get offers though 🙂

    • Maybe that’s because more bloggers are now aware of these great opportunities.. But let’s hope we’ll get some of the offers,lol… 🙂 Thanks

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