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I have been a member of this site since July this year. As I was searching for online opportunities and extra earnings, I saw the LinkFromBlog banner in a friend’s blog. It pays to add banner links because some sites have affiliate programs in which you can earn for sending traffic and/or referring other bloggers. has been around since 2008. It is based in the US which means that there are laws and regulations that must be followed, observed to protect and keep Advertisers and Bloggers alike from false advertising or products which are not safe.

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For Advertisers, here are some of the benefits from advertising on LinkFromBlog:

  • Viral Campaign – Blogs accepted in LinkFromBlog are well ranked. That means they have already established their blogs, have followers and readers who will see and/or click your links. Viral campaign is one of the easiest way to promote your site, get lots of traffic and conversions as well.
  • Even without a deposit, you can still get bids for your campaigns
  • Deposit money only to buy blog reviews when you have found the perfect blogs to review your sites/products
  • You can create unlimited campaigns and manage them

The above are just some of the perks that you can get as an advertiser. If you want to know more, I suggest you visit

So as a blogger, how can you make money from Here’s how:

  • Sign up for FREE and add your blogs
  • You need to activate your blogs by making a post about LinkFromBlog and adding a simple code in that particular post for their reference
  • Upon blog approval, you may now browse the list of offers and check which you can do and finish
  • After choosing your reviews, you may send your invitation to the advertisers for the bid and set your review price
  • Advertisers may accept or decline your offer. If accepted, make sure to follow the requirements, make the blog post and send the url (of the posts) to the advertisers for another approval.
  • Once the advertiser is satisfied, payment is sent to your account.

Make sure that you only write original contents because they have a way to check if you have just copied/pasted it from another blog. Also, grammar and spelling plays a vital role in being approved. Do a research first about the site and put it in your own wordings.

I have seen many bloggers earn a decent living just by doing reviews, surveys and giving their own opinions. So, join the bandwagon and visit LinkFromBlog now!

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